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"She asked me to leave, I was terrified": Jennifer Aniston Really Lived in a Haunted House Where the Ghost Hated Her Roommate

Hollywood actors have been through multiple experiences in their careers and life. And one such experience also includes being surrounded by supernatural phenomena. Jennifer Aniston, who has been in the film industry for decades, is one of the actors who has had such experience. The FRIENDS star opened up about living with a ghost and an unnamed roommate after moving into her first apartment in Los Angeles.

The actress also shared her and her roommate's experience living with a ghost and how she managed to get rid of the unwanted presence in their apartment.

Jennifer Aniston Lived in a Haunted Apartment

During an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Jennifer Aniston shared the time she lived in a haunted house. Talking to Dolly Parton and the host of the show, Aniston shared that she once lived in a haunted house with an unnamed roommate and a ghost.

It was her first apartment in Los Angeles after she moved from New York to California. She further shared that someone once visited her at the apartment and advised her to get it checked.

"I was like, 'Oh man. I've landed in Los Angeles; we're talking about ghosts, spirits, and a ghost whisperer.'"

The Murder Mystery star also shared a number of "terrifying" experiences while living in the apartment. Aniston said,

"This dishwasher would start to go, or the coffee maker would start to go, or the stereo would just turn on at full volume."

The actress shared that she eventually decided to get help in the matter and expel the spirit. And the event after that left her even more terrified after the ghost whisperer examined her apartment.

The Ghost Hated Jennifer Aniston's Roommate

Jennifer Aniston shared that she called in a ghost whisperer to find out a solution to her problem. And the ghost whisperer had a warning for the actress. She shared that she was even more terrified after the ghost whisperer asked her to leave the apartment.

"When we got to the really thick, thick, thick 1975 ashtray that was sitting on the table and that cracked, and she asked me to leave," Aniston shared.

The Break-Up actress said that the ghost whisperer had a "little talking" with the ghost.

She further shared that the ghost hated her roommate. When asked if she informed her roommate about everything, she refused before adding, "No, I moved out." She said that she couldn't bear telling her roommate that the ghost in their apartment didn't like them, as she thought it would be terrible.

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