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Jennifer Aniston's High School Style Is Surprising Given Her Girl-Next-Door Image


Jennifer Aniston attended a Waldorf school, which focuses on holistic education and spiritual development. Other celebrities who went to Waldorf schools include Sandra Bullock and Anna Paquin.In high school, Jennifer embraced a goth style, contrary to her popular character Rachel Green on Friends. She wanted to be rebelliously unattractive and experiment with her own personal style.Jennifer was bullied during her school years, but she has since learned to love herself from within and emphasizes that inner beauty is just as important as external appearance. She differs from her character Rachel, who was portrayed as a bully.

Just because adults appear a certain way as they get older, doesn't necessarily mean that they would have had the exact same style in their younger years as well. After all, styles and trends change all the time and just because something was trendy a few years ago, doesn't mean that it's still trendy now.

Even if it isn't a matter of trends and is more about personal preference, this can still change as the person gets older and this is definitely the case with . While these days she portrays the look of the girl-next-door in both her movies and in real life, Jennifer had an entirely different look during her high school days that might come as a shock to fans.

Jennifer Aniston Went To A Waldorf School

One that even the biggest of fans might not know about her is that she attended a Waldorf school. This is a bit like Montessori schools, except that Waldorf schools focus on a holistic approach to teaching and pay the most attention to children's spiritual development, morality, creativity, and independence.

It is essentially a type of school that has a play-based approach to learning and Jennifer is one of a number of celebrities who have attended this type of school. Other

include , Anna Paquin, Harvey Keitel, and Julianna Margulies.

Jennifer Aniston Was A Goth In High School

High school is different for everyone. Many people use this as a time to experiment with their style. In some cases, this is down to personal choice, and in others, it's down to whatever is cool and trendy at the time, especially if that's the style that the popular kids are wearing.

For Jennifer, this was a time that was all about her experimenting with her own style, mostly down to her own personal choice. Jennifer went to high school during the 1980s, which was a time when there was big hair, big shoulder pads, and a lot of color.

Jennifer, however, decided to go down a bit of a different route with her own style. While her character Rachel Green was very fashion-forward and was up-to-date with the latest trends and styles, Jennifer took on a totally different look, which was to .

Jennifer said in an interview with that she had never intended to look the most beautiful during high school and instead wanted to be the most 'rebelliously unattractive' person at her school.

This makes sense, given that many teenagers will go through a rebellious phase in one way or another, most likely during their time at high school. So dressing like a Goth was clearly Jennifer's way of going through this phase.

Obviously, her style has changed a lot since then, with Jennifer saying in the interview that she has slowly been able to learn about fashion over the years, such as what looks good on her and what doesn't. She credits her being able to learn this from the help of her glam squad.

This doesn't just extend to her fashion sense, but also to how she does her makeup and how she styles her hair. Anyone who has seen Jennifer in the media since she rose to fame in in the 1990s will know that she is very aware of her girl-next-door style and has often been credited for her style by fans and the media alike.

What Was Jennifer Aniston Like In School?

fans will know that Jennifer's character in the show was classed as a bully during high school, with Ross and his friend Will () starting the 'I hate Rachel Green club'. This caused some fans to wonder whether Jennifer was the same as her character, or whether she was the one who was being bullied.

It turns out that it was the latter, as Jennifer opened up about in an interview, where she said that the . She said that she doesn't know why they bullied her, but that it happened when she was in fifth, sixth, and seventh grade.

She said that she doesn't fully remember everything that happened, but that she feels she likely took some of what was said to her in and is grateful that social media didn't exist when she was a kid.

After all, despite Instagram having been around for over a decade, .

However, these days, Jennifer says that she has learned to love herself from within and regularly shares the message that it's not just what's going on on the outside that counts, but is mostly what is going on on the inside too.

Jennifer Aniston Differs From Rachel Green In Many Ways

Many people have often drawn a lot of comparisons between Jennifer and Rachel, despite one being a character on a TV show. However, they actually differ in quite a lot of ways.

For example, Jennifer struggled with her fashion at first before finally finding her style; whereas Rachel has always been very fashion-forward and has always . Jennifer was also bullied during school; whereas Rachel was the person who was doing the bullying.

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