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“There is a chipmunk in my undies”: Before FRIENDS Fame, Jennifer Aniston Refused to Pose N-ked Amid Howard Stern’s Flirty Session

Jennifer Aniston, one of the world's most successful actresses, struggled at the beginning of her career. Before being cast in FRIENDS, Aniston had to shed loads of weight. In 1996, the actress shared her obsession with Mayonnaise sandwiches with Rolling Stone. Back then, milkshakes and French fries with gravy were a constant part of her diet. But instead of giving up, she decided to reshape herself and turned to NutriSystem's pre-packaged, calorie-restricted meal plan and became one of the brand's success stories.

About Jennifer Aniston's Interview On The Stern Show In 1989

In 1989, way before FRIENDS, Brad Pitt, or any major milestone, Jennifer Aniston was an unknown actress who had just embarked on her 20s journey. As an attempt to push forward her then-lagging career, the now highly successful actress made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show as a NutriSystem success story. According to US magazine, the 20-year-old Aniston was invited on the show because she had recently lost weight using NutriSystem, a Stern show sponsor.

Being a young and ever ladies man, Stern wasted no opportunity to flirt with his young guest. Stern complimented her saying, "You're very lovely." "Your breasts are so full!" When Aniston refused the idea of posing naked, he further joked, "My god, there is a chipmunk in my undies." 

Sirius Radio has dug up tapes of The Howard Stern Show from 1989 that feature an interview with the then-young, struggling actress and it was aired as part of "The History of Howard Stern: Act III," a radio documentary series that offers a rare behind-the-scenes look at the life, career, and achievements of Howard Stern.

Jennifer Aniston Talks About The Evolution of Comedy and FRIENDS Being Offensive

Jennifer Aniston rose to fame in the comedy genre and has been starring in comedies for nearly 30 years, right from FRIENDS in 1994 to her latest Netflix movie Murder Mystery 2. This also implies that Aniston knows about the changing trends in comedy over three decades. Earlier this year during one of her talks, Aniston emphasized how much comedy has evolved and how tricky it is nowadays to be funny.

With special reference to one of her best shows, FRIENDS, Aniston said,

"There's a whole generation of people, kids, who are now going back to episodes of 'Friends' and find them offensive," "There were things that were never intentional and others… well, we should have thought it through — but I don't think there was a sensitivity like there is now."

She then added in conclusion, "Everybody needs funny! The world needs humor! We can't take ourselves too seriously. Especially in the United States. Everyone is far too divided." FRIENDS has been called out in recent years for its lack of diversity. All six main characters on FRIENDS were white, and the show rarely featured actors of color in prominent roles across 10 seasons and 236 episodes.

Source: US Magazine

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