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Young Sheldon Just Showed Missy's True Colors (And It Ruins Her TBBT Character)

Tough choice: a sibling who pretends to love you, or one who openly despises you?

Young Sheldon is a prequel series to The Big Bang Theory and certainly has some undeniable ties to its parent show.

However, the sitcom has managed to become a truly individual show that stands on its own.

Fans liked the idea of following the development of other major characters in the Cooper family, rather than just having a Sheldon-centric show. So we got a lot of major storylines that didn't involve the boy genius at all.

One character that quickly became very popular on the show was Missy, Sheldon's sister. She was portrayed as a likable teenager who, despite her flaws, was generally a good girl, loyal, dependable, responsible.

That was until she and Paige stole her dad's car and tried to run away, thus beginning the rebellious phase. But that is not the point. The point is that the writers of the show are ruining her character.

For example, the recent episode 20 of season 6 had really shown Missy's true colors and made her character somehow unnecessarily worse.

Needless to say, the episode also proved that The Big Bang Theory's Missy, who we all love so much, might be faking her whole attitude towards her brother.

The writers of Young Sheldon were often criticized for not paying enough attention to Missy's character in the show, so they decided to change that at the end of season 6.

But instead of highlighting her best qualities, they just decided to ruin her character from within.

The thing is, when she was supporting Sheldon after he found out that getting into Caltech was not going to be a done deal for him, she was actually doing it for herself.

She tried to convince Sheldon to push harder and find a way to get the money for the scholarship and just go for it!

The ugly truth is that she just wanted him gone. And the spoilers for the two-episode finale hinted at a big fight they will have before Sheldon's departure.

Well, all of this may mean that her appearance on The Big Bang Theory was all fake. Remember how naturally sweet and lovable she was on the show?

It just doesn't match up with her younger, much sassier version in Young Sheldon. This is just not the same twin relationship dynamic being portrayed in two shows.

While we still don't know if they'll patch things up before the end of the season, there's still time in season 7 to redeem her character and make this sibling dynamic work.

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