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'His segment is cleaning the toilet': Amber Heard Fans are Dissing Rihanna For Letting Johnny Depp Get Spotlight Segment in Her 'Savage X Fenty’ Fashion Show

After successfully winning the defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, it seems like Johnny Depp has been on a roll in Hollywood again, making his presence felt on every single front of the entertainment industry with unrelenting intensity! His recent appearance as the Moon Person in the VMAs is a testament to the industry's recognition of one of its greatest talents and its acceptance of Johnny Depp as one of its own after a long while of being neglected, even borderline outcasted.

But it doesn't just stop there. In recent news by TMZ, we have solid evidence that Johnny Depp is all set to make the guest appearance on Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Fashion Show!

But it seems like there is still a bit of hostility left for Johnny Depp to overcome, especially when it comes from Amber Heard's supporters, who have taken to Twitter to let Rihanna know their disapproval of her decision.

Johnny Depp All Set To Appear On Savage X Fenty Fashion Show!

Johnny Depp had been swept to the sidelines of the positive limelight ever since Amber Heard's accusations had been raining down on him. But fortunately, Depp has overcome the trial and emerged victorious in the end, successfully defending himself in the court of law. With the misconceptions out of the way, Hollywood now knows that it had treated the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor all too rashly, and is now trying to make amends. Rihanna seems to be one of those hands of support that have reached Johnny Depp, inviting him to be part of the very prestigious Savage X Fenty Fashion Show.

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In a recent TMZ article, the source said that Savage X Fenty would be featuring the first-ever male guest star to make an appearance on the coveted Savage X Fenty Fashion Show, and it will be none other than Johnny Depp. This news has taken the internet by storm as on prior occasions, the show had a dominating female presence all over it, but this addition has broken the cycle. While many have been surprised in a good way by this news, supporters of Amber Heard are trashing Rihanna's decision and Depp's Image, calling all sorts of things on Twitter.

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Why The Outrage?

It's no secret that the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case was controversial, to say the least. Both parties were at each other's throats, and so were their fans, so it's no wonder when one side seems like it has been recovering, the other comes to push it down, whether the stars in question may like it or not. Rihanna's decision of inviting Johnny Depp as the first male star to make a guest appearance on the Savage X Fenty Fashion Show does seem like the decision is completely her choice, but public opinions will always support their chosen side, whether right or wrong.

Whatever happens, it doesn't seem like there is an end to Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard in the near future, at least, not in the eyes of the supporters.

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Savage x Fenty show Vol. 4, streaming on Prime Video from November 9, 2022.

Source: @PopCrave

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