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Johnny Galecki And 3 Other The Big Bang Theory Actors Who Worked on Roseanne

It's almost like a high school reunion, but you're actually happy to see familiar faces. If you're someone who misses the dorky humor of The Big Bang Theory and all the familiar

It's almost like a high school reunion, but you're actually happy to see familiar faces.

If you're someone who misses the dorky humor of The Big Bang Theory and all the familiar characters you grew to love, you might find some comfort in seeing the actors who played them in other projects. Especially if those projects have the same lighthearted sitcom vibe.

Roseanne, a sitcom that originates in the 1980s, has additional benefits. Not only do you get to enjoy the same actors, but you'll also see how they looked and acted back in the day. This alone is a compelling enough reason for TBBT fans to watch Roseanne.

Have you seen Roseanne?

Here are all four TBBT actors that you can recognize in the ABC sitcom.

Sara Gilbert

While Sara Gilbert is best known for playing Darlene Conner in Roseanne, TBBT fans love the actress for her role as Leslie Winkle, the experimental physicist who shared the lab with Leonard throughout the first three seasons.Gilbert's chemistry with Johnny Galecki is so good that it's no wonder they appeared on both shows opposite each other.

Laurie Metcalf

Viewers remember Laurie Metcalf for her role as Roseanne's sister Jackie Harris. The actress received four Primetime Emmy Award nominations for the role, winning three of them.Of course, there's no chance you would have missed the actress in TBBT. She appeared in the sitcom as the one and only Mary Cooper — the role that she passed down to her own daughter for the Young Sheldon prequel.

Meagen Fay

While there's much more to remember about Mr. Rostenkowski than his wife, Bernadette's mother, played by Meagen Fay, made an appearance on the show twice too. The actress' role as Kathy Bowman in Roseanne wasn't a regular one as well, but it still makes for a fun easter egg hunt for die-hard TBBT fans. Keep your eyes peeled when watching the ABC series!

Johnny Galecki

If you have watched at least one episode of TBBT, there is no need to introduce you to Johnny Galecki. His character, Leonard, is the main character of the story, and it's his relationship with Penny that becomes the centerpiece of the series' entire 12 seasons.Galecki stars in Roseanne as David Healey, opposite his on-screen love interest Sara Gilbert. Although his role was only recurring, it left a great impression on viewers and effectively launched Galecki's acting career.

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