The Big Bang Theory Team Didn't Know Where Mayim Bialik's Character Was Going On The Show, But Jim Parsons Made Sure It Wasn't Out The Door

Mayim Bialik thrived in her role on The Big Bang Theory as Amy, however, as we'll reveal in the following, the audition process was a tough one, as the actress faced stiff competition.

There was some uncertainty when it came to Bialik's future right around season 4. As we'll reveal in the following, Jim Parsons was protective of his co-star behind the scenes. We'll reveal what took place behind the scenes, and what the plans were for Amy's character on the show at the start.

Ultimately, Bialik thought she was done on the sitcom given that she was given a day-to-day contract. Instead, it turned out be the opposite as she was offered a full-time role instead.

Mayim Bialik Got The Role As Amy On The Big Bang Theory But Faced Lots Of Competition

Mayim Bialik changed her career getting the role of a lifetime on The Big Bang Theory. Despite the fact that she got the role, Bialik hadn't seen any of the sitcom, but she was the perfect fit given her actual background as a neuroscientist. Still, the process was not an easy one, Bialik faced serious competition, which included Kate Micucci who would later play Lucy.

Mayim said of the role, "I auditioned with five other actresses — none of whom were neuroscientists — who were really talented and many of whom I knew of.

There wasn't a lot of lines; it was five lines in that season three finale. They told us all to wait after we went in. They called two of us back in. We went home and found out that afternoon."

Bialik's early run on the show was filled with uncertainty given that she was appearing based off an episode by episode contract. Ultimately, she became a series regular, but it doesn't seem as though there was a concrete plan in place.

The Big Bang Theory Writers Weren't Exactly Sure What Amy's Future On The Show Would Be Like, But Jim Parsons Made Sure She Was Staying For The Long Run

The original plan for Amy was simple and it was to create a laugh factor after Raj and Howard had created a dating profile for Sheldon. The result of that was Amy, with no long-term implications.

Steve Molaro the showrunner revealed with EW, "I didn't know how important it was going to be at the time when I came up with the idea of Sheldon being matched with Amy on a dating site. I thought it would be funny that Koothrappali and Wolowitz would fill out a dating profile and be shocked that a match was found for Sheldon.

That's how it started; what it would grow into would reveal itself later."

Molaro and his team weren't sure how to proceed, but Chuck Lorre made sure to tell the writers to keep including Amy every episode.

"We, in the writers room, were into it, but we didn't know where it was going to go. We didn't know they were to have a second date, or how that was going to play out and keep evolving through the years. But we went into it like we do with all additions to the show and all the characters: We're hopeful and trying to do our best to make it grow into something better and interesting; that was one of those that obviously did.


Jim Parsons also felt obligated to ensure Bialik's safety on the show. Parsons realized that Amy and Bernadette added for greater storylines and more overall depth for the sitcom.

Parsons revealed, "At some point I felt a certain way about working with Mayim that I was like, If for whatever reason we seemed to be weaning her off of this show as a character, I would go and talk to them."

Bialik was in it for the long run but in season 4, she felt as though her time was coming to an end.

Mayim Bialik Thought She Was Going To Be Written Off The Show During Season 4, But Got A Contract Instead

Bialik had spoken to her manager during season 4, and was sure her time on the series was coming to an end.

"The week that I was offered a regular contract, I had told my manager, "I think this is my last episode; I think they're done with me and have done all they want to do with my character."

However, it would be the complete opposite, as Bialik was asked to stay as a series regular.

"I told my manager, and she called me back later that day and said, "You're not going to believe what call I just got. They'd like to offer you a full position as a regular!"

The new offer changed everything for Mayim as she was finally able to let go of her gigs teaching neuroscience and tutoring piano.

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