What The Cast of Young Sheldon Actually Thinks About The Big Bang Theory Spin-Off

It's no secret that the members of The Big Bang Theory got along well behind the scenes. Their relationship was obvious, whether they were roasting each other on the red carpet or engaging in furious ping-pong matches together. The cast worked. They loved each other and loved making that show for an astounding 12 seasons.

But what about the cast members of the CBS spinoff Young Sheldon, which depicts the speculative scientist's Texas upbringing? Have they loved their past six seasons together on the show? Do they even like the show? We know what the Big Bang Theory cast thinks of Young Sheldon, but here's what the actual stars of the spin-off think.


9 What Does Zoe Perry Think Of Young Sheldon?

ICYMI Zoe Perry's mom is Laurie Metcalf, so she is quite literally a younger version of Sheldon's mom in TBBT, she doesn't just play one on TV. Yes, Zoe plays the role of Mary Cooper, Sheldon's mom on Young Sheldon, and she absolutely loves it.

Zoe has said the show is just part of her life now, she takes little nuggets from it to use in real-life parenting role, and vice versa. Not only that, but the relationship that has been built between the cast members has grown to be a strong one.

Zoe is so thankful her mother suggested she audition for the role.

8 What Does Lance Barber Think Of Young Sheldon?

Lance Barber plays George Cooper Sr, Sheldon's dad, in the show Young Sheldon. Barber made a previous appearance in The Big Bang Theory during the Season 5 episode "The Speckerman Recurrence," in which he played Jimmy Speckerman, the high school bully of Caltech experimental physicist Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki).

Lance has said that he thinks it's that role that helped him get the role he has and he couldn't be more thrilled.

Lance Barber absolutely loves working on the show Young Sheldon. He has a great relationship with the adult actors, but really enjoys working with the kids too.

Lance particularly likes it when Young Sheldon shows his character George struggling to provide for his family, like he isn't just some perfect dad who can do it all. Instead, he is a person who makes an effort which makes him more intriguing and more realistic.

7 What Does Annie Potts Think Of Young Sheldon?

Potts is portraying more than just a demure grandma on Young Sheldon.

She doesn't spend her time knitting and watching soap operas. She plays what Sheldon calls his "Meemaw." A grandmother who is living life to the fullest.

Potts spends a lot of her time with Armitage as well as the actors portraying her other two grandchildren, Montana Jordan, a teen, and Raegan Revord, Sheldon's twin sister, and she is having the time of her life doing it. She truly adores the kids and feels like she is so lucky to have landed this role.

Potts refers to the first episode of the show that she was in as her favorite episode of Young Sheldon ["Poker, Faith and Eggs"]. She had so much fun with it.

From nearly setting herself on fire to driving after she had a few drinks with the kids to the hospital, it was so outrageous. "It was obviously an appalling character study but so much fun to play", said Potts in an interview with Glamour.

6 What Does Jim Parsons Think Of Young Sheldon?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jim Parsons said seeing Iain Armitage play a young Sheldon, is not what he expected it to be. He wasn't ready for how emotional it was going to be seeing Iain bring this young version of this character to life that he had been working on for a decade of his own life.

It was really special for him.

While Jim Parsons isn't seen in the show, he is the narrator, and he really enjoys seeing it all come full circle. At first, Parsons had been completely against any kind of spin-off. Clearly Iain has done a great job changing his mind.

5 What Does Iain Armitage Think Of Young Sheldon?

Iain plays Sheldon in the show Young Sheldon. He absolutely loves it. He has really grown up on the show and idolizes Jim Parsons, who always gives him little tips about acting, especially acting like Sheldon.

Iain says all the cast members have helped him along the way, and he cannot wait to see what will come next for Sheldon.

4 What Does Montana Jordan Think Of Young Sheldon?

Montana Jordan plays George Cooper Jr, Sheldon's older brother, on the hit show Young Sheldon. Jordan cannot believe he could ever get so lucky. He has said the journey has been incredible! He loves getting to work with such fantastic individuals, from the cast to everyone behind the scenes, it is just everything he could have hoped for.

He feels blessed and grateful for it. Jordan has been sharing his journey on social media, and his fans have been sending him love and support. He says he is overwhelmed by the response, and feels incredibly lucky to have been given this opportunity.

3 What Does Raegan Revord Think Of Young Sheldon?

Raegan Revord plays Sheldon's twin sister Missy Cooper on Young Sheldon. Raegan loves working on the show. She says the show has done a fantastic job of allowing all the kids to act like kids and not pressuring them to mature too quickly.

She said they made a place that was both fun and secure.

She feels like she is really heard and respected. That really says a lot for the show as a whole, as that is not always the case for child actors. Raegan also mentions the adults on the show are amazing to work with and have helped her so much as she has grown with them.

2 What Does Wyatt McClure Think Of Young Sheldon?

Wyatt plays the loveable neighbor boy Billy in the show Young Sheldon. He isn't in every episode, but almost, and more than enough for everyone to know and love him.

Wyatt gave an interview to Pop Culturist about his role on Young Sheldon and said, "It is an honor to work on Young Sheldon. Everyone is so friendly and nice. I may not be in every episode, but they treat me like family. They have supported my stand-up career and shown up to cheer me on."

1 What Does Emily Osment Think Of Young Sheldon?

Emily Osment plays Mandy McCallister on Young Sheldon. She recently has been upped to a series regular on the show, and she couldn't be more thrilled.

Emily's character adds so much to the family dynamic, giving Missy someone to confide in and Georgie something to aspire to, she helps out in Mary's time of crisis a lot.

Well Emily does this for the cast in real life too, she adds to their family dynamic. She really enjoys the range of characters on the show and how warm and friendly it always is. "Young Sheldon really sets the bar high for sitcoms", said Osment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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