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Kind Jen! Jennifer Aniston breaks down in tears as she and Ellen DeGeneres watch video of a daughter pleading with them to help her unemployed father

Ellen DeGeneres kicked off her three-night Greatest Night Of Giveaways on Tuesday with the help of Jennifer Aniston who got emotional while helping a family.

Jennifer, 50, broke down in tears watching a video of a daughter pleading with Ellen, 61, to help her unemployed father.  

Viewer Elyse Kimball made the video about her dad Jeff who lost his wife and mother of their two daughters to cancer when the girls were young. 

Emotional moment: Jennifer Aniston broke down in tears on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Tuesday after watching a video package of a struggling family the show were helping out 

Charity: Ellen kicked off her three-night Greatest Night Of Giveaways with Jennifer and it all got a little too much

She said: 'He has given all he has got for our family of three. He doesn't deserve this,' Elyse said weeping in the video.

'He's all I got. He is my life. He is what gets me through the good and the bad. For once, I want to give something to him. I want him to get something he deserves, and I can't do this without help,' she added tearfully.

The video made Jennifer cry and Ellen surprised the family by sending a film crew pretending to do a show about people who turn their lives around.

Deserves it: Elyse said her father deserved help after raising two young girls alone after their mother Amy died of cancer at age 38

Family assistance: Jennifer and Ellen helped the family out during the one-hour show on NBC

Jeff Kimball in a video package spoke of losing his wife Amy when Elyse was only three and her sister Lexi was age five.

He and his daughters were shown in the studio audience and were invited up by Ellen as Jennifer wiped away tears and also helped Elyse with her wet eyes.

Jeff shared that Ellen's character Dory from Finding Nemo inspired Amy's battle against cancer.

Tears wiped: The actress was moved by the video about the single father

Tears flowing: The Friends star helped Elyse with her tears as her sister Lexi and father Jeff also took the stage

'She was going in for a 13-hour surgery.

The last thing I did was blow her a kiss and say, ''Just keep swimming'',' he said.

'Oh, my God!,' Jennifer exclaimed. 'What would your mom say right now if she knew you guys were here?'

'She would be so happy. Ellen, she was your biggest fan. So, she would be like, ''Move over, 'cause I am getting closer'',' Jeff said.

Tight family: Jeff, Lexi and Elyse received multiple gifts from Ellen and Jennifer

Ellen then revealed that while they were away for the taping that their house had been decorated with Christmas lights.

Their home also was filled with a Christmas tree, multiple presents and updated furniture.

Jennifer also gifted the family with an ornament for the Christmas tree of the Eiffel Tower.

Multiple gifts: The family's home was decorated for the holidays and filled with presents

Tree ornament: Jennifer gave the family a Christmas tree ornament of the Eiffel Tower along with a trip to Paris

The Friends star revealed that it was on Amy's bucket list to take a trip to Paris.

Ellen then announced she was sending the family to the French capital for a vacation.

Jennifer said she was in Italy recently and added the destination to their itinerary.

Ellen said they should also go to London and Jennifer said they 'might as well go to Greece'.

Extended trip: The actress said they should also go to Italy and Ellen made it a month-long vacation in Europe

'You're going to Europe for a month,' Ellen told the excited family.

The family later played a version of the telephone game called Say Whaaat? and each of them were gifted $50,000 in Visa cards.

The premiere episode opened with Michelle Obama, 55, surprising students at Randle Highlands Elementary School in southeast Washington, DC.

Telephone game: The Kimball family also received $150,000 after playing Say Whaaat?

Premiere episode: The premiere episode opened with Michelle Obama, 55, surprising students at Randle Highlands Elementary School in southeast Washington, DC

School principal Kristie Edwards said the school is in a rough neighborhood and 65 percent of students are either in foster care or homeless.

Michelle surprised a pair of girls in a computer lab who shouted 'Obama!' and cried while meeting her.

She presented the principal with $100,000 to help cover expenses for the school.

Michelle said she learned a valuable lesson from her parents while growing up.

'It's not enough to go through life just working for yourself. You gotta reach back and lift others along the way,' she said.

Vietnam trip: Former First Lady Michelle is shown Monday in Vietnam while promoting education for adolescent girls

Michelle then got on the school's public address system and called everyone to meet her in the gym.

She explained her participation in Ellen's Greatest Night Of Giveaways and surprised the school by announcing a new outdoor basketball court after noticing they didn't have one.

Michelle also presented the school with new computers for the lab and new laptops for teachers.

She then made the children giddy by gifting them each with a new iPad as white confetti fell.

Ellen thanked Apple for the gifts as well as show sponsor financial services company Green Dot, which also made a $100,000 donation to the Obama Foundation's Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund.

Sterling K. Brown, 43, who stars in the NBC series This Is Us also helped with a giveaway.

TV star: Sterling K. Brown also helped out Ellen on her first giveaway night

He surprised sign spinner Rico El-lis who started spinning to help his mother pay the bills.

Rico told of living in a car with his mom and brother.

He said that his mother called it 'camping', but after a month he knew 'we're doing more than camping'.

Sterling took him to a car dealership where he revealed that Ellen said he could leave with any car on the lot.

Sign spinner: Rico El-lis was surprised to meet the star of NBC's This Is Us

Rico picked out a white convertible and later gave Ellen a sign-spinning lesson in the studio.

Ellen surprised him with another gift of $100,000 in a Green Dot Unlimited Bank Account and promised him a job on her talk show.

The studio audience who believed they were attending a play featuring Ellen also received gifts after going wild when they learned it was really a giveaway episode.

Ellen and Jennifer gave them a $500 Visa gift card, a Hydro rowing machine, $700 in Samsonite Voltage luggage and a six-day trip to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Ellen's Greatest Night Of Giveaways will return Wednesday and Thursday on NBC.

Justin Timberlake, Robert Downey Jr., Chrissy Teigen, Jason Momoa, Steph Curry, Michael B. Jordan and Melissa McCarthy will take part in upcoming giveaways.

New car: Rico was gifted with a new car by Ellen along with $100,000 and a job offer

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