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Jim Parsons Gets Overwhelmed Thinking About His Time On Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons is overwhelmed with emotions when talking about his time on . Before it became the hit series that it was, had a rocky start with its original pilot needing to be reworked. Amid a series of changes made to the premise, however, Parsons' Sheldon and Johnny Galecki's Leonard were the only two things that were retained when the show was overhauled. Since then, the actor appeared on all 12 seasons of as a primary cast member, if not even its true lead. But as integral as he was to the show's popularity, he was also primarily the reason for its end.

When , it was because of Parsons' decision to leave the series. The actor thought it was time to move on from the show and try other things with his career. Despite this, he tells

that his experience on the sitcom "." Read the rest of Parsons' quote below:

"It was the kind of experience I cannot over state how impactful and positive it was for me. The feeling of thankfulness and gratitude in [my] heart for the whole thing, it's almost overwhelming.”

Why Parsons’ The Big Bang Theory Exit Was So Controversial

When news broke out that was ending, there was no official reason given. It wasn't until later on that it was revealed that it was because of the sitcom and instead of continuing with an incomplete cast, everybody decided that they wanted to just wrap the sitcom altogether. Unfortunately, however, it wasn't as simple as that as revealed in a new

oral history book. As it turns out, some of his co-stars' thoughts on the matter were more complex than initially perceived.

For starters, Johnny Galecki admits being blindsided by Parsons' decision. He also criticizes how 's cancelation was handled, particularly the delivery of the news that Parsons was leaving. Meanwhile, Kaley , resulting in them not speaking with each other. Ultimately, they were able to sort things out, but she was quite upset when they learned that the sitcom was ending because he was retiring from playing Sheldon.

Just because Parsons chose to leave before anyone else from the cast doesn't mean that he didn't enjoy his time on the sitcom. For 12 years, the actor devoted his time and effort to effectively play Sheldon, and it was only fair that the cast honored his wish to exit when he decided it was time to move on. So the problem wasn't because but how the news of his decision was delivered to his co-stars.


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