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'Friends': What Joey Tribbiani's Exes Look Like Today

's character is everyone’s all-time favorite character from . His charming smile, made viewers easily fall in love with him. Joey’s smooth pickup lines and job as a soap opera star landed him dates with some stunning women. However, not all his girlfriends were good for him, like his stalker ex, Erika, who was mentally unstable.

While most of his relationships were doomed from the start, some of Joey’s romances were good for him. Joey has the most entertaining love life among all the characters' relationships. He’s dated models, actresses and some unique characters, and they were all played by gorgeous actresses who have gone on to do great work in the film industry. So, what do Joey Tribbiani’s exes look like today?

11 Joey Tribbiani’s Crazy Ex, Erika Played By Brooke Shields

As a famous soap star, Joey Tribbiani has a lot of fans but proves why celebrities shouldn’t date their fans. Brooke Shields plays Erika, an obsessive fan of Joey’s character Dr. Drake. He dated her but soon regrets it after realizing she is mentally unwell.

Erika believes Joey and his character are the same person. Joey and Erika break up after he tricks her into accepting his show’s character is in Salem, and she leaves. Shields is still guest starring in popular television shows, with her most recent roles in

and . This year, she released a two-part documentary in 2023 that follows her life titled

10 Joey Tribbiani’s Girlfriend, Melanie Played By Corinne Bohrer.

One of Joey Tribbiani’s best exes was Melanie. She and Tribbiani dated for a short period, during which she would fill his house with fruit gift baskets. Joey was going through a fertility study during their relationship, which meant he couldn’t have sex. However, that didn’t affect their relationship as much as it should have.

Melanie was played by Corinne Bohrer. Joey and her character never really broke up; she never returned to

after the sex study ended. Bohrer has since guest starred in popular shows like and CW’s and still looks great.

9 Joey Tribbiani’s Girlfriend, Lauren Played By Jennifer Milmore

Lauren was Kate’s understudy at the theater where they worked after the latter was fired from Joey initially used Lauren to make Kate jealous, but they still went on a few dates. Lauren was a huge fan of Joey’s TV show, which turned off Joey, so they broke up. Jennifer Milmore starred as Joey’s immature ex and has since featured in a few other television shows like .

8 Joey Tribbiani’s Girlfriend, Janine Played By Elle Macpherson

Australian bombshell Janine, played by , starts as Joey’s roommate before they begin a romantic relationship. She was one of his best ex-girlfriends because of her positive effect on him. Janine made Joey better in many ways, but she didn’t like Monica and Chandler, so he broke up with her.

The model is most known for her role in but has had a successful career in business. Aside from acting and modeling, Elle owns a lingerie line, a beauty line and a wellness company called


7 Joey Tribbiani’s Brief Relationship With Rachel Played By Jennifer Aniston

Despite their brief relationship, Joey and Rachel made one of the cutest couples on the show. Most fans felt the two dating came out of nowhere, but Rachel and Joey were always friendly and had fun with each other. Things didn’t work out for the pair after they tried to get intimate, but Rachel always had love for Joey. She is one of his best friends and ex-girlfriends.

’s character on is excellent for Joey, even if they didn’t end up together. Aniston is currently starring as a news anchor on

with Reese Witherspoon, and she looks great.

6 Joey Tribbiani’s Girlfriend Ursula Played By Lisa Kudrow

Joey dates Phoebe’s twin, Ursula, but she is one of his worst relationship experiences. Ursula is nothing like her sister and is always mean to Joey. Ultimately, on her twin sister's behalf so he doesn’t keep thinking he has a chance.

who plays Phoebe and her twin sister, recently appeared in 2020’s and 2021’s Kudrow will also appear in the upcoming Taika Waititi series,

5 Joey Tribbiani’s Mature Girlfriend Cecilia Monroe Played By Susan Sarandon

Cecilia was one of Joey Tribbiani’s most mature girlfriends. She and Joey both starred in and hooked up after she found out her character was going to get killed off the show. Cecilia, Susan Sarandon plays, allowed Joey to experience a different kind of woman than he was used to. However, their relationship didn’t last long after she got another acting gig in Mexico. Sarandon starred in a 2022 FOX show about a country music star, .

4 Joey Tribbiani’s Ex-Girlfriend, Kathy Played By Paget Brewster

After so much heartbreak in season four of Joey Tribbiani thought he had finally met a good woman with Kathy, but that wasn’t the case. Paget Brewster’s character dates Joey, but she has stronger feelings for Chandler and kisses him. Joey and Chandler’s friendship almost doesn’t survive after this.

Kathy goes on to date Chandler but cheats on him, too, with her co-star in a play. She could be one of Joey’s worst ex-girlfriends. Aside from her guest role on the sitcom, Brewster is most known for her role as Emily Prentiss in She currently stars in the leading role in HBO’s

3 Joey Tribbiani’s Ex, Charlie Wheeler Played By Aisha Tyler

One of Joey Tribbiani’s smartest and nicest exes was Charlie. She first met Ross and seemed to have more things in common with him than Joey. Still, they dated but broke up when Charlie found out Joey wasn’t smart enough to keep up with her. Charlie ended up dating Ross for a while before leaving him for her ex-boyfriend, a Nobel prize winner.

has an impressive acting career and has gone on to direct. She has done work on and Tyler recently starred in the Apple TV + with Jennifer Garner.

2 Joey Tribbiani’s Girlfriend, Katie Miller Played By Dina Meyer

Kate Miller, played by Dina Meyer, was Joey Tribbiani’s girlfriend on season 3 of the two worked together before she was fired from Kate and Joey were constantly arguing, and she broke his heart. As soon as Kate got an offer to act in she took it and moved, leaving Joey.

Meyer guest starred in three episodes before going on to other shows,

and most recently had guest starring roles in andas Gwen Adams.

1 Joey Tribbiani's Girlfriend, Erin Played By Kristin Davis

character Erin and Joey Tribbiani were a casual hookup that turned into a serious relationship. She was the perfect girl for Joey. Erin was likable and liked to drink beer and eat sandwiches. But just as Joey developed real feelings for her, she lost interest in him after a few dates leading to their breakup. She told Phoebe and Rachel, “I don’t see this having a future.”

Davis told that appearing on the sitcom all those years ago. “It was a lot of fun just to be there and sit on the couch and coffee shop. It was amazing and fun.” Davis is set to appear in an upcoming action film alongside .

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