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“You allowed yourself to look like an idiot”: Sandra Bullock Calls Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic ‘FRIENDS’ Arc “Foolish”

Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston are two of the most cherished performers in Hollywood. Bullock is widely recognized as a rom-com icon and has received two Oscar nominations, one of which she won for her remarkable performance in The Blind Side. The actress has also led a talented ensemble in the heist film Ocean's 8 and appeared in unforgettable movies such as Gravity and The Proposal. 

Sandra Bullock

Besides, Aniston gained widespread recognition for her role in the hit sitcom Friends and has since gone on to feature in many big-budget films.

Her outstanding portrayal of Alex Levy in The Morning Show earned her prestigious Golden Globe and Emmy Awards nominations. In a 2020 Interview Magazine chat between the two actresses, Bullock tried to recall her initial impression of Aniston.

What Was Sandra Bullock's First Impression Of Jennifer Aniston

During their Interview Magazine conversation, Sandra Bullock admitted to Aniston that she initially formed an impression of her from her portrayal of Rachel on Friends, and it was challenging to differentiate between the character and the real-life Aniston. 

"I was trying to think of my first impression of you, and, like almost everyone's first impression of you, it was on the television.

And I was trying to remember if that was the person who I got to meet. I remember the first thing I thought of you was, 'A beautiful woman who has extraordinary timing is almost impossible to find.'"

Jennifer Aniston

Bullock also praised Aniston's impeccable timing, which likely extended to both comedic and non-comedic roles. She went on to express the positive impression that Aniston had left on her.

Did Sandra Bullock Call Jennifer Aniston's Role Foolish

During their conversation, Bullock lauded Jennifer Aniston for her willingness to portray unflattering emotions and portrayals on-screen.

Bullock remarked that Aniston's ability to embody foolishness, heartbreak, and clumsiness without fear of judgment made people feel at ease around her. She continued by noting that Aniston's willingness to be vulnerable and authentic in her performances conveyed to her fans that she was relatable and human, with the same flaws and insecurities as everyone else. 

Sandra Bullock

"You allowed yourself to look foolish, heartbroken, clumsy, like an idiot. I think that's why everyone feels so comfortable in your presence. You said, 'Yeah, I might look like this, but guess what? I have the same failings and insecurities you do.' I remember thinking, 'God, I hope she's really like that. If she's not, I'm going to be so bummed.'"

Bullock admitted that she hoped Aniston was genuinely that way in real life, as it would be disappointing if she were not.

All seasons of Friends are available for streaming on HBO Max.

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