20 Best Quotes From Pretty Woman

At 30 years old, Pretty Woman doesn't fail to hold up, and there are plenty of Pretty Woman quotes that are still loved today. The movie remains a timeless classic, creating a great love story in the most unconventional of ways. Businessman Edward and escort Vivian make quite the pair, with Edward showing Vivian true love and another way of life while Vivian teaches him to loosen up and appreciate the little things.

Though complete opposites, they manage to connect on the things that matter most, even becoming vulnerable and opening up to one another during what's supposed to be a six-day business arrangement.

Most of the best Pretty Woman quotes come from Vivian, but there are still a fair amount of quotable pieces of dialogue from other supporting characters. The best quotes from Pretty Woman prove why it was a box office hit and are a mix of heartwarming, funny, and vulnerable lines.

20 "I Can Do Anything I Want To, Baby. I Ain't Lost"

Julia Roberts as Vivian

When Vivian (Julia Roberts) first meets Edward (Richard Gere) in the movie, she delivers this bold Pretty Woman quote to him as he balks at her suggestion that he pay her for directions.

Roberts' delivery of the line is not only funny, but it also lets the audience know exactly who Vivian is. She's there to make money, not to be his entertainment. And though she might not be lost physically, it's also clear as the movie goes on that she might be a little lost metaphorically.

The line and their brief back-and-forth about paying for directions are also what leads the two of them to make their business arrangement. Edward ends up forking over the money to get directions, but he also ends up proposing a deal to spend some time with Vivian, kicking off the entire movie.

19 "The Bad Things Are Easier To Believe. You Ever Noticed That?

Julia Roberts as Vivian

There are a lot of memorable quotes from Pretty Woman, and though this one might not be at the front of the audience's mind, it's still a great one. Vivian makes a good point when she and Edward are talking about how people treat her at one point in the movie. She tells him that the more people put her down, the more she believes the bad things about herself, but he thinks she's exceptional.

Vivian understands that no matter how exceptional Edward might think she is, other people are still going to look down on her because of their own preconceived notions about her look or her job.

She's charming, smart, and funny, but most people in Pretty Woman don't give her the chance to display her personality until someone like Edward steps in on her behalf, making for a great commentary on classism even today.

18 "Take Care Of You."

Laura San Giacomo as Kit

Though Pretty Woman is Vivian's Cinderella story, her old life features one character in particular that isn't going to vanish just because Vivian spends a week in a fancy hotel. That character is her best friend Kit (Laura San Giacomo).

She and Kit work the same streets, and it's made clear with this one line that they look out for one another.

Though the movie is mostly light-hearted, it's lines like this that remind the audience that Vivian and Kit likely don't lead easy lives. Their job is a dangerous one that involves being up close and personal with complete strangers, and that might not always go well for them. The original story for Pretty Woman was a much darker one about the perils of their work before it became a rom-com, so it makes sense that this line would feature, with Kit and Vivian both using it to remind one another to put themselves first on the job and not get into trouble.

17 "Edward? That's My Favorite Name In The Whole World!"

Julia Roberts as Vivian

Vivian doesn't put much effort into flirting, she makes it obvious what her intentions are without her comments being sincere, presenting her as a confident, humorous woman. In her line of work, it's understandable that she has to come on strong and cut to the chase, which is likely why she pulls out this cheesy one-liner to Edward after they meet, "Edward? That's my favorite name in the whole world!"

Vivian gives him a playful nudge as she says this and Edward responds in mock surprise. It's clear from the wide grin on both characters' faces that they're enjoying the lighthearted banter between them.

16 "Honey, I've Got A Runner In My Pantyhose. I'm Not Wearing Pantyhose."

Julia Roberts as Vivian

When Edward first takes Vivian to the high-class hotel that he is staying in, it's clear that she doesn't fit in. Vivian isn't wearing much in the way of clothes unless counting her thigh-high boots, but her dress really doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Edward tries to remedy this with his coat, but naturally, she earns herself a few dirty looks from some of the other patrons of the hotel.

Vivian is pretty fierce when she's feeling comfortable in her own clothes, so when she notices a woman staring her down she plays up to the situation, commenting "Honey, I've got a runner in my pantyhose," while baring her leg and lifting her skirt higher, before laughing and adding, "I'm not wearing pantyhose."

15 "Baby, I'm Gonna Treat You So Nice, You're Never Gonna Wanna Let Me Go."

Julia Roberts as Vivian

When Edward makes the business deal with Vivian that she will stay with him for a few days as a companion, Vivian declares "Baby, I'm gonna treat you so nice, you're never gonna wanna let me go." Edward keeps it strictly business in his response, re-confirming the fee and flatly stating that he will let her go. How wrong he turned out to be! This Pretty Woman quote is one of the most iconic from the movie as it foreshadows exactly what happens. Even though Edward is fighting his feelings right to the very end, he realizes that he doesn't want to let her go with enough time to get to her before she leaves town.

14 "You Make A Hundred Dollars An Hour And You've Got A Safety Pin Holding Your Boot Up?"

Richard Gere as Edward

Edward is an incredibly wealthy man who is able to get almost anything he needs with a phone call or a flash of a credit card. He's not used to having to patch things up with whatever is on hand. And despite him knowing that he can fork over a chunk of change for Vivian's work, he doesn't really understand the reality of her life, which is exemplified in his delivery of one of the most surprising Pretty Woman quotes.

He doesn't understand why Vivian would be using a safety pin to help keep her boot in place if she can make $100 in a short amount of time. He also doesn't understand that her work isn't steady, that it's also dangerous, and that some of her money isn't just taking care of her, but also her friend Kit. Her surprise at his willingness to pay her thousands of dollars to spend a few days with him should have been a giveaway that she's not rolling in money, but Edward is far removed from Vivian's reality.

13 "It Was So Good, I Almost Peed My Pants!"

Julia Roberts as Vivian

Part of the film sees Edward take the protagonist to her first opera show, where Vivian wears the expensive necklace and the now-iconic red dress. Afterward, another theatre-goer asks Vivian how she liked the opera, and Vivian responds "It was so good, I almost peed my pants!" The other lady looks taken aback at this remark, as it betrays the fact that Vivian isn't as upper class as her outfit makes out, so Edward quickly intervenes with the explanation "She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance."

This is a funny moment where Vivian's personality shines through and despite it not sitting well with the others, it's clear that Edward finds it endearing, and he is quick to fix the situation for her as he doesn't want people to think less of her.

12 "You Know You Could Pay Me Now And Break The Ice."

Julia Roberts as Vivian

Maintaining her plucky, tongue-in-cheek personality, when Vivian and Edward reach his hotel room she suggests, "You know you could pay me now and break the ice." Not only is it telling concerning Vivian's confidence, but it also has the darker undertones of reminding viewers that in her line of work she sometimes doesn't get paid. Despite being a rom-com film, the story touches on the dangers of sex work a few times, especially with Vivian and Kit's parting phrase to each other being "Take care of you.

" Not just a pleasant farewell, but a warning to each other to be careful with strangers.

11 "The Sphincter Police Won't Let Me Through."

Laura San Giacomo as Kit

While Vivian is staying with Edward at the hotel, she gets a visit from Kit. Unfortunately, since the hotel caters to very wealthy clients, Kit gets stuck in the lobby and has to get Vivian to come to her. Kit makes a point while on the phone with Vivian in front of the hotel employees that she isn't happy with the situation by using this particular Pretty Woman quote.

Kit's got a way with words. While Vivian might be bold and grab the attention of others, she does it with a wide-eyed and sunny attitude most of the time, only slightly tinged with sarcasm. Kit, however, has absolutely no problem being as loud and as blunt as possible when people look at her as though she's less-than because of her outfits, or her gum chewing, or her vocabulary, and it makes her a bright spot in the movie even though she isn't in very many scenes.

10 "I Appreciate This Whole Seduction Thing You've Got Going On Here, But Let Me Give You A Tip: I'm A Sure Thing.

Julia Roberts as Vivian

Vivian initially tries to get right down to business as usual, but Edward clearly intends to approach business another way. She's (for the most part) pleasantly surprised throughout the film as Edward keeps upping his offer until he gives her the fairy tale she's always wanted. Vivian's a sure thing, but Edward becomes a sure thing too, as the two fall in love with one another. The fact that Edward was trying to start a conversation showed audiences immediately that Edward was different, and that he and Vivian would come to share a valuable connection.

9 "You Could Freeze Ice On His Wife's Ass."

Julia Roberts as Vivian

This is one of Vivian's more underrated quotes and it is in reference to Philip Stuckey's (Jason Alexander) wife. It's an apt and simple description, and easily reusable for anyone who wants to use it to describe someone similar. Vivian's good at reading people, and she has a way with words to boot. If someone meets Vivian, they'd better hope they make a good impression or else she could make a similar remark about them.

In this case, Vivian doesn't particularly like the Stuckeys because she sees how they look down on others. Mrs. Stuckey in particular is cold and uptight, something Vivian definitely isn't.

8 "You And I Are Such Similar Creatures, Vivian. We Both Screw People For Money."

Richard Gere as Edward

Edward's reflection is sad but true. Edward's quote aligns more with what they do rather than who they are, however. While they go about it in different ways, they pay the bills doing what is basically the same thing.

Vivian doesn't enjoy it, and Edward learns to change how he conducts business, offering to build ships instead of tearing a company apart by the film's end.

It might not work for Edward's lawyer, but Edward definitely felt good about his shift in business tactics. Screwing people for money takes its toll, but Edward and Vivian both change and feel better about themselves as a result.

7 "Oh, God, The Pressure Of A Name... I Got It. Cindaf***in'rella."

Laura San Giacomo as Kit

Kit's got a way with words, for sure.

Her idea of coming up with someone's happy ending for Vivian's sake couldn't be more perfect. Vivian and Kit share a good laugh about it, too. Cinderella starts out pretty low on the rungs of life but manages to find her prince and a happily ever after.

Sometimes an example doesn't have to be real, as fiction sometimes mirrors reality more than reality itself. Cinderella's story was similar to Vivian's in a meaningful way: no matter where you come from, you can still have your happy ending. Pretty Woman is one of the many rom-coms labeled as a Cinderella story as a result, making Kit's comparison even more apt.

6 "Do You Have Anything In This Shop As Beautiful As She Is?"

Richard Gere as Edward

Edward has some witty remarks and comebacks, but this is one of his sweeter Pretty Woman quotes. Once he finds out how Vivian was treated in the stores, he accompanies Vivian to ensure she gets treated the right way, which is one of his more endearing moments in the movie. He makes her feel like a princess, giving her every shopaholic's dream of a shopping spree with no budget, getting the best of the best in product quality and customer service.

Nothing quite tops Vivian's beauty, but she does get one great wardrobe and shopping experience out of it.

5 "Welcome To Hollywood! What's Your Dream?"

Abdul Salaam El Razzac as the Happy Man

There is a man who shouts this Pretty Woman quote at the movie's beginning and the movie's ending, reminding the audience that most come to Hollywood looking for that dream come true. It's true, many come to Hollywood pursuing a dream. Yet, it's also a dream about Edward and Vivian. Edward and Vivian found love, and Vivian also got a better life.

She got out of where she was and got to begin anew, and Kit was on her way to doing the same by the end of the film. It's hard not to hear this line when thinking of the movie or even Hollywood even though it doesn't belong to one of the main characters. It's long-lasting, given there's always a dream to be sought in Hollywood.

4 "I Want The Fairy Tale."

Julia Roberts as Vivian

Though Edward offers her a home and a car, among other things, to get her off the streets, Vivian wants more.

She doesn't want his pity or his money, she wants the romance, the love. She doesn't take him up on his offer, and she leaves the night before Edward's due back in New York. While she's gone, Edward comes to realize he wants the fairy tale too, just in time to catch her before she heads off to San Francisco. Wanting the fairy tale is the ultimate dream, and the feel-good movie gives Vivian and Edward their happy ending. It's the kind of thing that proves '90s rom-coms deserve more love.

3 "It Must Be Difficult To Let Go Of Something So Beautiful."

Hector Elizondo as Barney

Barney's (Hector Elizondo) remark as Edward returns the beautiful, and expensive necklace has a double meaning. It's clear that, for Edward, the necklace is far easier to part with than Vivian herself. Barney is a big part of Edward changing his mind and going after Vivian. Barney contributed quite a bit to their relationship, from getting Edward to go after Vivian to helping Vivian adjust to an entirely different lifestyle. Barney is one of the best supporting characters for doing all that he does. While he's great at running one of Beverly Hills's most elite hotels, he's also a gifted matchmaker.

2 "Big Mistake. Big. Huge. I Have To Go Shopping Now."

Julia Roberts as Vivian

Vivian provides the ultimate burn (and most iconic Pretty Woman quote) when she walks into the store whose saleswomen previously refused to assist her. Judging her by her looks and clothing, they don't believe she has the money to afford anything in their store and are very rude to her, leaving Vivian in tears until Barney lends a helping hand and gets Vivian what she needs. She happily strides inside and shows the saleswomen her purchases and what they missed out on commission-wise before making a graceful exit.

It's certainly a lesson in judging a book by its cover - as is the whole movie, really.

1 "She Rescues Him Right Back."

Julia Roberts as Vivian

Vivian dreamed of a knight on a white horse coming to rescue her whenever she was locked in the attic for misbehaving as a child and tells Edward about it. Later, Edward makes that dream come true as he climbs her fire escape despite his fear of heights, and when he reaches her, he asks what happens afterward. This quote from Pretty Woman is Vivian's response.

She doesn't expect to be a damsel in distress; she believes love consists of rescuing each other, and that's how it should be. Love takes work from both parties in a relationship, and this quote makes Vivian's character, and Pretty Woman by extension, stand out when it comes to the quintessential rom-com formula for falling in love.

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