Johnny Galecki Left The Big Bang Theory Set In Tears After A Certain Scene Hit Close To Home

Although it was a sitcom, certain scenes hit close to home for the cast of The Big Bang Theory. As we'll reveal in the following, that was the case for Johnny Galecki during season 1, as he faced a scene that reminded him of a traumatic moment from his childhood. Although it left the actor in tears, it helped Johnny Galecki get close to his Leonard character on The Big Bang Theory.

We're going to reveal what took place during the scene, while taking a look at other emotional moments that brought the cast closer together.

In one instance, Kaley Cuoco credited her fellow castmates for helping her get through her very public divorce.

We'll take a closer look at how the cast helped Cuoco in that moment, while also revealing another scene that was adored by fans, though Cuoco thinks she flubbed it during the actual filming day.

Kaley Cuoco Relied On The Big Bang Theory Cast When She Was Going Through A Tough Moment In Her Life

Back in the fall of 2015, Kaley Cuoco was on-set filming an episode of The Big Bang Theory for season 9. Although she was her usual self for the scene, things were made a little tougher in her personal life, as the actress was going through a divorce at the time, and the news was about to go public.

Cuoco credits the cast for helping her out during that moment. Although Kaley was nervous about the story coming out, castmates Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg put her attention elsewhere.

"I was in a scene in the comic book store, wearing a purple sweater, and sitting on the couch between Jim and Johnny, while Simon and Kunal were singing this ridiculous song in their little band. And I am hysterically laughing. Genuinely. And they used it," she shared.

"And that was the scene we were shooting when ET was watching us, and I remember sitting there, thinking, 'My divorce is about to be announced right now.


"Simon and Kunal had me laughing so hard that tears were coming down my face as they were performing this song, and I just got to sit there and watch them as Penny, but it was also me," she explained. "And it just took me totally out of what was going on in my personal life. And everyone [in the cast] knew what was going on with me and they were very protective."

She continued, "I just remember the drama going on behind the scenes, but shooting that scene was a really wonderful escape."

Together for 12 seasons, the cast was able to create a close bond, especially through the good and bad moments going on outside the set.

A Scene In Season 1 Had Johnny Galecki In Tears Given That It Reminded Him Of His Childhood

It was the sixth episode released of The Big Bang Theory way back in season 1. As it turns out, the episode hit Johnny Galecki from a personal standpoint, but it would also help to give the actor a closer connection to the Leonard character he was portraying on the sitcom.

In "The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series," Galecki reveals that getting picked on in the episode reminded him of the tough moments he faced in his childhood.

"Him picking me up as Leonard really affected me to the point where I think I cried after we shot the episode.

... it really dug up some old schoolyard stuff for me."

"I had a way into Leonard and really began to understand him."

No doubt, it was an emotional process for the actor but one that created a closer connection to his character early on.

Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki Had Another Sweet Scene On The Show, But Cuoco Thinks She Ruined It

Johnny Galecki shared several memorable scenes with Kaley Cuoco throughout The Big Bang Theory. One that comes to mind is the 'Strawberry Pop Tart' scene.

Although it was great for the fans to watch, Kaley Cuoco revealed alongside TV Line that she ruined the moment on-set given her constant flubs.

"Funny enough, The Gorilla Dissolutionthey wrote that Pop Tart line at the very last minute and I couldn't remember it! I kept flubbing it, making everyone laugh, to the point that I was like, "OK, this is taking the charm out of the scene!" [Laughs]

"But it ended up being so cute, and the audience was going crazy, standing and cheering…. We had to keep telling them to calm down, but they had waited so long for it."

At the very least, it didn't hurt the audience's reaction to it, and it was met positively by fans as well.

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