The Big Bang Theory: Every Footprints On The Moon Song, Ranked

While it seemed like Sheldon Cooper would be the defining role of Jim Parson's life, his career beyond that universe has continued to flourish even as he provides the voiceover for Young Sheldon. Most recently, he has starred in the film Spoiler Alert and played the lead in A Man Of No Importance, a revival of the 2002 musical put on by the Classic Stage Company. For those who only ever saw the sitcom, it might be a surprise to learn that he can sing, as he wasn't the musician of the group on The Big Bang Theory.

Rather than highlighting Jim Parson's voice, the Big Bang Theory gave musical opportunities to Simon Helberg (Howard) and Kunal Nayyar (Raj) in the form of their fandom band Footprints on the Moon.

Though many of the wizard rock and timelord rock bands that sprung up in the real world in the 2000s and 2010s have now disbanded, Footprints on the Moon was a fun part of The Big Bang Theory's development that actually had some catchy and heartfelt songs worthy of being remembered.

7 Honorable Mention: Let's Get Astrophysical

This Footprints on the Moon song was never actually played on the show, so fans have to try to imagine it themselves based on context clues. It's easy enough to guess that it was a parody of Olivia Newton John's hit song "Physical," likely with plenty of space facts and suggestive puns.

However, Howard suggested that it wasn't much of a dance song, as he preferred "Sherlock Around the Clock" for an opening number.

It's honestly a shame that it never appeared, as "Let's Get Astrophysical" could have been a really enjoyable song, especially since Raj is an astrophysicist and Howard was an astronaut. Between learning-based songs like Schoolhouse Rock! and fandom parodies, songs with similar premises have found massive audiences. Despite being a throwaway line, fans of The Big Bang Theory likely would have enjoyed getting to see this song, rather than hearing "Six Tons Of Granite" twice in one episode.

6 Sherlock Around The Clock

Howard and Raj had to play "Sherlock Around the Clock" quietly to try not to wake the baby, but fans got a pretty good idea of what to expect from it anyway. The song mostly seems like a vehicle for the instrumentals, rather than having well-thought-out lyrics. For the most part, the song just repeats the title over and over, and the first verse is extremely simplistic.

With that being said, repetitive songs can become popular, in part because they're so easy for fans to learn. While "Sherlock Around the Clock" is unlikely to actually earn much attention in the world of the show or beyond it, it certainly could become an earworm powerful enough to get stuck in audiences' heads for hours.

5 Fun With Flags Retrospective Theme

When Sheldon and Amy decided to record a retrospective episode of "Fun With Flags," they brought Howard and Raj in to provide an updated theme song that promised to provide "information and entertainment that's equally effective." The musical version of the title is catchy, and the flair put on the last "flags" is a great contrast to the relative monotone of the web show.

The retrospective theme works, but it's not quite as fun as the regular theme or other Footprints on the Moon songs. There's very little substance to the song, which could have been much better had it actually provided information about the history of the show itself.

Awkwardness is part of the fun of The Big Bang Theory, but it doesn't make for a memorable backstory on the show within the show.

4 If I Didn't Have You

While this isn't technically a Footprints on the Moon song as much as a Howard one, it could certainly be added to their song list with Raj and Bert singing the backup lines. It was even initially written with multiple instruments in mind! "If I Didn't Have You" is the perfect nerdy love song, with references to Doctor Who, Sherlock, technical geniuses, the Periodic Table, and more.

Although it's not as catchy as some of the show's other original songs, the repeated refrains about Howard living with his mom add a self-deprecating angle that perfectly fits the character.

In context, it's a well-crafted song that definitely feels like something Howard would write. However, it's unlikely to be the kind of song that takes on a life of its own beyond the series.

3 Fun With Flags Theme Song

Sheldon put together the video podcast "Fun With Flags" as a way to teach about one of his special interests, and it also allowed him to bond with Amy. Unlike most situations, Sheldon actually gave Howard and Raj some freedom when it came to their role as Fun With Flags' house band, which resulted in their new theme song.

Though there is a lot of repetition, there's also some really creative wordplay going on with the lyrics to create a pretty solid theme song.

The rhymes work surprisingly well, and the brief reference to The Star-Spangled Banner is both funny and appropriate to the theme. The theme song might just be the best part of the Fun With Flags segments, and it easily could have caught on had the show played it every time Amy and Sheldon recorded an episode.

2 Six Tons Of Granite

Howard always wanted Footprints on the Moon to be a power trio, so it's a shame that fans only ever got to see one song from the group after they added Bert. With that being said, "Six Tons of Granite" was everything a Footprints on the Moon song should be, blending nerdy geology facts with a love for Indiana Jones.

The chorus introduces fans to the phrase "micaceous schist," and Bert's interlude could actually be really fun with a more aggressive vocal tone. Actor Brian Posehn loves metal music, so it was great to see that side of him come out in Bert's lyrics. Altogether, while it might not be quite as good as "Thor and Dr. Jones," it's a pretty great song that fans would definitely download if given the chance.

1 Thor And Dr. Jones

As the iconic main song from Footprints on the Moon, "Thor and Dr. Jones" was where it all began for Howard and Raj's band. Pieced together from clips throughout "The 2003 Approximation," it describes a Death Battle-style interaction between Marvel's Thor and the archeologist Indiana Jones.

This song is unapologetically nerdy, which is exactly what fandom music should be. It makes fans smile, and while the chorus is repetitive, it's also oddly catchy. The comment section on YouTube is full of fans, even years later, talking about how they unironically love the song, and it's exactly the celebration of nerd-dom that The Big Bang Theory always claimed to be.

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