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Young Sheldon Has Wrongly Ignored 2 Major TBBT Cameos For 6 Years - But Season 7 Can Fix It

Summary Young Sheldon has yet to incorporate two important Big Bang Theory cameos: Leonard and Penny, despite their significance in Sheldon's life. It is imperative for Young Sheldon season 7 to feature the Hofstadters, as they played a major role in Sheldon's adult life. The inclusion of Leonard and Penny in Young Sheldon can help rectify The Big Bang Theory's rushed and divisive Hofstadter pregnancy plotline.

Young Sheldon continues to ignore its two most important The Big Bang Theory cameos, and season 7 can and should fix it. TV's number 1 comedy currently is a prequel of another iconic sitcom. In Young Sheldon, however, Sheldon Cooper is at the center of the show's narrative, at least in the beginning, as the series tackles his interesting childhood in Texas. As The Big Bang Theory's first and only spin-off, the prequel regularly tries to incorporate some aspects from its parent series. Sometimes, it even brings in some Pasadena gang members to help with adult Sheldon's narration for the prequel.

Over the years, Young Sheldon has brought in Howard and Amy. The first time that Amy made a voice cameo, it is revealed that she and Sheldon has a son in the future named Leonard. In her second guesting stint, the couple talks about how they handle money, among other things that married people usually discuss. As for Howard, CBS recruits the Pasadena gang's resident engineer to help Sheldon recall the story of how he struggled during his engineering class in college. At this point, however, Young Sheldon still hasn't brought in two of the most important The Big Bang Theory cameos into the series.

Young Sheldon Hasn't Featured Penny & Leonard Yet

Bringing Amy and Howard back for Young Sheldon was definitely thrilling for many fans of The Big Bang Theory, especially since the show continues to be popular years after it ended. In both instances, their voice cameos were baked into the offshoot's storyline, which makes them more fun, albeit brief. However, the CBS prequel is intriguingly ignoring two of Young Sheldon's most important The Big Bang Theory cameos — Leonard and Penny. In fact, Parsons' voiceover barely even references them, which is odd considering that they are the most important people in his life, arguably, even more than his own wife.

For what it's worth, Kaley Cuoco has already been involved in the spin-off, but she didn't return as her beloved The Big Bang Theory character. In Young Sheldon season 3, she voiced the pool water in Sheldon's dream, and despite fans' suspicions, her casting wasn't confirmed until much later. Meanwhile, there hasn't really been any mention of Leonard. Even when Sheldon and Amy talked about naming their son Leonard Cooper — an homage to his favorite Star Trek character, as well as his best friend, there was no reference whatsoever to his Apartment 4A roommate. It wouldn't have been difficult to name-drop Hofstadter at that point, but that didn't happen.

Why It's Imperative That Young Sheldon Season 7 Features The Hofstadters

Initially, the idea for Young Sheldon was to serve as Sheldon's origins story. During its later years, however, it has become clear that it has already outgrown its premise. Sheldon is no longer at the center its storytelling, as the project diversifies its plots by giving the rest of the Coopers their storylines. Young Sheldon season 6 is the culmination of that transition, with the boy genius spending most of his days away from the family at East Texas Tech. While this is beneficial to ensure that the show can have a future beyond Sheldon's story, CBS still needs to ensure that it doesn't fully forget its titular character.

With this in mind, Young Sheldon should absolutely feature the Hoftstadters before it ends. As previously mentioned, Leonard and Penny are two of the most influential people in Sheldon's adult life. Long before he met Amy in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon was loved and taken good care of by his roommate, although begrudgingly at times. Currently, there are murmurs that Young Sheldon season 7 will be its last, and if this is the case, the upcoming year is its final chance to do so. Even if it doesn't, Sheldon's upcoming move to Pasadena means that Young Sheldon won't have any chance of bringing them beyond his transfer.

What Young Sheldon Has Revealed About Penny & Leonard's Post-TBBT Life

CBS has used Young Sheldon to offer fans updates about how the Pasadena gang is doing after The Big Bang Theory ended in 2019. It is no secret that the broadcasting network was interested in keeping the nerd-centric sitcom continue beyond season 12 due to its popularity. However, the idea to wrap it up came from the cast members themselves after Parsons expressed his desire to leave the show. So far, Young Sheldon has revealed that Sheldon and Amy have more kids after Leonard and that the socially awkward genius wears his Nobel Prize medal on a daily basis. Howard's cameo, on the other hand, confirms that the Coopers are still friends with the Wolowitzes.

Unfortunately, because there's barely any reference to the Hofstadters, Young Sheldon hasn't revealed anything about Penny and Leonard's post-The Big Bang Theory life. The fact that Sheldon hasn't even mentioned them is actually quite concerning, considering that adult Sheldon's narration in the prequel is allegedly his attempt to work on his autobiography. If Young Sheldon ends without a cameo from The Big Bang Theory's main couple, it suggests that there is a falling out between them and Sheldon. Otherwise, one could the

How Young Sheldon Fix TBBT's Big Penny & Leonard Mistake

Aside from the benefits for Young Sheldon, bringing Sheldon and Penny also has some big advantages for The Big Bang Theory. Despite staging a satisfying finale, one of its most divisive plots was the Hofstadters' pregnancy. After sidelining the pair for years, CBS attempted to make up for their mistake by introducing a plot involving the couple about their contradicting stance on having kids. While Leonard wanted to have them, Penny didn't. Despite her opposition, The Big Bang Theory finale still ended with hr pregnant. What made this worse is Penny suddenly happy about it despite the sitcom not showing that she was even remotely considering the idea.

Since The Big Bang Theory didn't have the time to properly execute the plotline because it was mostly focused on Sheldon and Amy's Nobel Prize bid, the Hofstadters' arc has been a stain in the show's finale. However, CBS can justify it by offering an update about how they are doing years following their surprise pregnancy. If they are happy and that having a kid ended up being a good step for them, then it would be easier for fans to accept their rushed plot in The Big Bang Theory season 12. Young Sheldon's adult narration can reveal this, or the couple themselves can if they finally appear.

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