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Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston set friendship goals as they reveal each other's 'secret' nicknames

 On-screen partners and behind-the-screen friends, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are the talk of the town thanks to their adorable friendship. The duo recently revealed that they have secret pet names for each other. Well, secret no longer as they revealed those nicknames during an interview promoting their latest movie together, 'Murder Mystery 2'.

In the 'Spilling the Tea' segment of ET Online, where the two stars interviewed each other, Sandler and Aniston asked each other some great questions. Both were far more candid than they would be in a regular interview.

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'FRIENDS' star Aniston started the segment by asking, "The fans are so excited to see us together, what is the best part of being my on-screen partner? Why am I your favorite?" Before answering the question, Sandler gave a shoutout to Drew Barrymore by saying, "Wow…Drew is so angry". Then he continued to the question, "Well, you certainly have a way about making life fun on the set. You're caring. You care about how I'm doing. If I'm enjoying my life. If I'm healthy. You do things to make my beard smell better," referring to their on-screen kisses.

The grand names reveal

As a friend would do, Sandler then on the pretext of ending the segment revealed the nickname he has for his long-time co-star and friend, "That's all I've got for you Anaburger".

'The Morning Show' star was ready with her own nickname for Sandler, replying, "Alright, Sandalman". 

The 'Just Go With It' stars, whose friendship is decades long, have only got closer over the years. In a Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance of the duo in 2019, Aniston said, "We were friends before Friends," adding, "[We love each other]. We must have been real family in another life". To which Sandler agreed, "We're so comfortable with each other."

Aniston's role is certainly not limited to poking fun at her long time pal as she "tag-teams" with Sandler's wife Jackie to help him maintain a healthier lifestyle.

"[Jennifer is] certainly not afraid to have me show up on a set, and in my trailer is a whole bunch of whatever shake I should be drinking and it's usually green," he informed the The Hollywood Reporter. "And I actually drink it so I can look her in the eye," adds Sandler. "She and my wife have a nice time tag-teaming to try to make me a healthier human being. Like, they want me to stretch more — eventually be able to touch my toes, which I'm about 9 inches away from," said the star. 

Recently in their appearance at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Aniston revealed that she has always been teased by Adam Sandler for her wrong boyfriend choices. On being asked, whether they give the other one any advice, Aniston replied, "Well, I, if I get anything from him, it's ''What are you doing?'' Usually based on someone I'm dating". Continuing with the mimicry that she has started, she said, "What are you doing? What's wrong with you?"

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