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"It's a weird thing": Jennifer Aniston embarrassed to bring up toilet roll pet peeve in old Ellen's episode

Jennifer Aniston, the 54-year-old beloved Friends star, was the very first guest on The Ellen Show, which debuted back in September 2003. The actress was also the final guest on the long-running show, which bid goodbye in 2022. Aniston and the host Ellen DeGeneres, have been long-time friends and both have shared many intriguing secrets on Ellen's talk show over the years.

On the very first episode of The Ellen Show, Jennifer Aniston sat down with DeGeneres for quite an entertaining interview, where the actress disclosed her toilet roll pet peeve. She also told Ellen that she was embarrassed to have even mentioned this particular pet peeve of hers.

When asked if she had any pet peeves that drive her crazy, Jennifer Aniston said:

"Sure! Well, there's a you toilet paper rolls, those you're an under or over...that argument. I am an over! What's easy about under? Nothing. And sometimes it flies off if it doesn't have a hook, it just flies off that thing. So you waste paper.... It's a weird thing....I'm so glad you said that, I was embarrassed to even bring it up."

Jennifer Aniston brought a "welcome mat" for Ellen on the first episode of The Ellen Show

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres share a genuine friendship and the two have always shown love and support for one another. Over the years, Aniston appeared a total of twenty times as a guest on The Ellen Show and created many memorable moments for the fans.

However, one of the most special moments of the show remained the very first episode that aired on September 8, 2023, when Aniston appeared as the first guest and gifted Ellen a "welcome mat".

At the very beginning of the episode, Jennifer said to Ellen:

"I have a gift for you. See that, it's a Welcome mat"

She handed the iconic mat to the host.

Ellen was thrilled with the gift and put it right below the interview platform.

At the time, in 2003, Jennifer Aniston was named "the most powerful celebrity in the world" by Forbes magazine. During the 2003 interview on The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres brought it up and asked Aniston how she felt about being the most powerful celebrity.

In response, the Friends actress said:

"Well you know, I didn't know for a while...Nobody wanted to tell me that I was. I heard heaps of people keep saying that 'congratulations', and I was like, 'on what?' 'congratulations for Forbes.' I didn't know for a little while and you know I had a couple of auditions last week, so hopefully, this will help that.


Thereafter, Ellen went on to humorously ask Jennifer Aniston if she used her powers for good or evil. In response, the actress also gave a humorous reply. She said:

"Well, it depends on what needed most at the time. You know, usually trying to be on the good side. Usually be good. Evil doesn't work anymore."

Since her first interview with Ellen, Jennifer Aniston has come a long way and holds a glorious long acting career, which she began back in 1987.

Apart from her fan-favorite role as Rachel Green in the beloved sitcom Friends, the actress is also well-known for her performances in notable movies, including Picture Perfect, The Object of My Affection, The Good Girl, Along Came Polly, Bruce Almighty, Marley & Me, Rumor Has It, Murder Mystery and many more.

She was recently seen reprising her role as Audrey Spitz in the 2023 sequel movie, Murder Mystery 2, opposite Adam Sandler, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

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