Jim Parsons Was Up For An Award Himself, But Was Totally Distracted By One Specific Celebrity


Jim Parsons, known for his role on The Big Bang Theory, is a big fan of other celebrities like his co-star Kunal Nayyar and singer Rihanna.Parsons was taken with Mariah Carey at an awards show in 2010, finding her beautiful and even saying he would have been happy to kneel beside her.Parsons has become as iconic as Mariah Carey himself, winning four Emmys and starring in The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon, as well as Broadway performances and film roles.

From the time that made his debut as the eccentric theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper on , it was clear that the Houston native was going to become a big star.

Since then, he has become one of Hollywood’s most recognized talents.

Amid all the fame, fortune, and recognition, Parsons also continues to be a big fan of several other celebrities like him. The actor even admitted to being mesmerized by one particular star on the same night that he was accepting an award himself.

Jim Parsons Is Known For Being A Super-Fan Of Other Celebs

One might say that Parsons has a good eye for talent as the actor has been a fan of many stars in both film and television.

For instance,.

Nayyar and Parsons would become good friends after working together for 12 seasons. And even when Parsons’ exit essentially triggered the end of , Nayyar couldn’t be mad at his co-star.

In the show’s oral history, , even saying that he “felt a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders” upon learning that the show was ending. He later added that “something within me was released.”

Aside from Nayyar, Parsons has also whom the star worked with in the 2015 DreamWorks animation . The star and the singer did a lot of press together while promoting the film and fans couldn’t help but notice how much the two co-stars were having together.

Aside from Rihanna though, it turns out that Parsons is also a huge fan of another longtime singer/actress.

Jim Parsons Was Taken With Mariah Carey During An Awards Show

Back in 2010, won the People’s Choice Award for favorite TV comedy and Parsons was in attendance to accept the award, along with Nayyar and co-stars , , and .

While the group remained seated together throughout the ceremony, Parsons found himself seated right in front of Carey.

During an appearance on , the actor

and the seat filler being told to get out as a result.

While on the show, Parsons recalled wondering what might have happened if that had been him. He also admitted that he would have been happy to “kneel” beside the singer as Parsons was “so taken” with Carey.

And when Carey was revealed as the year’s favorite R&B artist, the actor recalled clapping and gazing up as she walked by. Parsons also said that Carey was “just beautiful” that night. In response, DeGeneres remarked that the actor appeared “genuinely enthralled” with the Grammy winner.

Today, Jim Parsons Is As Iconic As Mariah

Since then, Parsons has gone on to become as big a celebrity as Carey himself. And while he’s never won a Grammy, the actor memorably won four Emmys during his time on .

Since then, Parsons has also been busy producing and starring in spinoff Young Sheldon, which looks back into the life of Parsons’ Sheldon as a young and socially challenged child genius.

is expected to return for season 7 after securing a three-season renewal deal from CBS in 2021.

Aside from television projects, Parsons has also lent his talent to the big screen. Aside from Home, the actor also memorably played NASA engineer Paul Stafford in the Oscar-nominated film

. He also joined the cast of Zach Braff’s R-rated dramedy and the horror mystery with Isla Fisher and Eva Longoria.

More recently, Parsons also joined the cast of Netflix’s biographical crime-drama , which goes over the horrible crimes committed by serial killer Ted Bundy.

Parsons has also become quite the Broadway star over the years, having won a lot of praise for his performances in , , , and . The actor is also set to star in the upcoming play , which is scheduled to start its Broadway run on April 2, 2024.

Has Jim Parsons Ever Met Mariah Carey?

While Parsons and Carey have not crossed paths again yet, it seems that they just might soon enough. As Parsons has remained dedicated to his Broadway work in recent years, Carey has also recently ventured into the theater herself.

In 2022, it was announced that the music icon had on Broadway, although it wasn’t immediately clear what Carey’s commitment — financial or otherwise — to the production entailed.

While the singer has said that she signed on to because of her love for Marilyn Monroe (the late actress starred in the film version of the musical), it is possible that Carey would consider becoming more involved with Broadway following the success of the show.

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