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Sad Reality Of FRIENDS: Marvel Star Paul Rudd Makes No Money From The Sitcom While Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc And Others Earn $20 Million Every Year

Paul Rudd is one of the most likable and loved of Marvel stars. His charismatic personality and charm combined with his down-to-earth personality is what fans feel a personal connection to the star. But before he went on to become worldwide famous with Marvel, he was a part of the FRIENDS cast, albiet for a short while.

He might have arrived way later to the popular sitcom, but his character's positive energy and sincereity quickly led him to become a fan favorite character. However, despite being a fan favorite cast, Rudd revealed that he doesn't make any money from the series now, while his co-stars continue to earn over $20 millions each year.

Paul Rudd Reveals He Doesn't Make Any Money From FRIENDS

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The hit sitcom FRIENDS to this date remains one of the most famous and watched series of all times. Its amazing cast and comedic storyline continues to entice and entertain viewers. Apart from they four main characters, FRIENDS introduced multiple characters over the years, but one character sticks out from the rest.

Paul Rudd's Mike Hannigan came onboard in Season 9, Episode 3, and was a part of the show until the episode The Last One, Part 1.

Despite his short appearance, he quickly gained the favour of fans, who couldn't help but fall for his 'green-flag' persona and enderaing personality. His chemistry with Phoebe Buffay aka Lisa Kudrow's character helped solidify his popularity.

Even though he was well liked, and continues to be well liked for his part in FRIENDS, the Ant Man star revealed he doesn't get anything in royalties from the show despite Warner Bros making over $1 billion each year.

In WIRED Autocomplete Interview, when asked about his royalty earnings, Rudd replied,

"I don't believe that I do. I don't think I do."

His revelation shocked the internet since the rest of cast members still earn millions through royalties.

FRIENDS Cast Continue To Make Money From The Sitcom

FRIENDS continue to be among the most watched sitcoms and is a timeless sitcom where its popularity doesn't seem to decrease. Even after years of its ending, the show contunes to generate billions for Warner Bros. And thus, even the 6 cast members continue to make millions each year.

The FRIENDS cast were paid millions in salary, with the 6 making over $1 million per episode from the last season alone. As the show continues to be streamed on streaming platforms and TV, the show's main cast like Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc continue to earn royalties. These royalties provide all 6 cast members with over 20 million dollars each year.

Seeing that Paul Rudd doesn't get anything in royalties despite his fan favorite status, it seems gross injustice and fans have been quite unhappy about it.

FRIENDS can be streamed on Netflix.

Source: YouTube

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