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Young Sheldon Star's Birthday BTS Image Shows How Much Sheldon & Billy Have Grown


Young Sheldon presents a different version of Billy Sparks compared to Sheldon's stories in The Big Bang Theory, portraying him as a mild-mannered character who is often taken advantage of.

The potential delay of Young Sheldon season 7 could impact a potential reunion between stars Wyatt McClure and Iain Armitage, as hinted by Armitage's comment on a throwback photo.

It remains unclear if Young Sheldon will eventually confirm Sheldon's stories about Billy Sparks from The Big Bang Theory or provide an explanation for why he lied, especially if the show's season 7 is its last.

Actor Wyatt McClure shares a behind-the-scenes birthday image, highlighting just how much Sheldon and Billy Sparks have grown up in

Young Sheldon. While Billy isn't a member of the Cooper family, he was already an established character thanks to Sheldon's childhood stories in The Big Bang Theory. Coming into Young Sheldon, there was excitement to learn more about him and his dynamic with the socially-inept genius.

After six seasons of Young Sheldon, McClure evokes nostalgia by sharing a throwback photo of him and Iain Armitage in celebration of the latter's birthday. Check out the adorable snap below:

McClure doesn't reveal when the photo was taken, but it's clearly from a few years ago.

Meanwhile, Armitage responds in the comment section, thanking his co-star and saying that he hopes they'll reunite soon, seemingly referencing the potential Young Sheldon season 7 delay.

Young Sheldon Has Yet To Tackle Sheldon's Infamous Billy Sparks TBBT Story

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon had a penchant for sharing anecdotes about his childhood in Texas. While his stories were mostly about him and his family, he would also talk about other people in their community, including Billy. As Brenda Sparks' son, he was Sheldon's long-time neighbor, which is also the case in Young Sheldon.

However, the boy genius' recollection of Billy has been consistently contradicted by the prequel.

Unlike Sheldon's claims that Billy was one of his biggest bullies in Texas, Young Sheldon features a mild-mannered, albeit dense version of the character. He has been mostly harmless, as he tends to keep to himself. Billy has been a good kid who is often taken advantage of, which was tackled in Young Sheldon season 6 when Missy's friend attempted to prank him. As for Sheldon, they barely have any interactions anymore after the Cooper kid transferred to East Texas Tech for college.

Moving forward, it's curious if

Young Sheldon plans on eventually vindicating The Big Bang Theory Sheldon and proving that he was telling the truth about Billy. If season 7 ends up its last, then it's unlikely that the show will still revisit the narrative, considering a string of more important plot lines that it has to tackle. If that's the case, however, it would be nice if it at least features a line explaining why Sheldon lied about Billy in The Big Bang Theory.

Source: Wyatt McClure/Instagram

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