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“I live in a cave”: Kaley Cuoco’s Partner Wasn’t Aware of Her ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Fame That Made Her One of the Highest Paid Actresses in the World

Kaley Cuoco is one of the most prominent television actresses of all time. Her role as Penny in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory earned her widespread acclaim and one of the most lucrative paychecks ever. The show which ran for 12 seasons and 279 episodes made her a household name. But sadly, even so many achievements were not enough for his husband Tom Pelphrey to know her as he was completely unaware of the CBS series.

Earlier this year in March, Kaley Cuoco made headlines with her husband Tom Pelphrey as they welcomed their daughter Matilda.

She married actor Tom Pelphrey last year in May after having a much-talked-about dating life with several famous personalities including the Superman fame Henry Cavill.

Tom Pelphrey was unaware of Kaley Cuoco's fame as Penny

In a surprise turn of events, the Ozark actor stated that he had never seen even a single episode of The Big Bang Theory and didn't know anything about the actress' role in the series. Tom Pelphrey narrated a hilarious incident as he revealed the first confrontation of Kaley Cuoco with his family. The incident was revealed by the 41-year-old actor during an interview with W Magazine.

Apparently, Tom Pelphrey's mother's partner was a big fanatic of the show unlike him, and started calling Cuoco "Penny". This confused Pelphrey who couldn't understand a bit about anything until his then-girlfriend made it clear for him.

"Matter of fact, when I first brought Kaley to New Jersey to meet my family and friends, my mom's partner — who apparently was a Big Bang Theory fan — was there, and he kept calling her Penny. I had no clue what was going on. I'm sorry, I don't understand what's happening. Why does he keep calling you Penny?'" In response, "She's like, 'That's my character in The Big Bang Theory.



But looks like Kaley Cuoco has been successful in letting her husband watch her iconic character as he admitted of watching some episodes with her. Later in the interview, Pelphrey cleared out that his lifestyle was not much modernized before he got married to the Penny fame. It was the 37-year-old who brought some change in his lifestyle. He joked that he was like a caveman before his marriage.

"I live in a cave. Before I met Kaley, I was living in upstate New York, on a dirt road, in the middle of the woods, without much Wi-Fi. She's brought me into modern times."

Recently the actress was also seen in The Flight Attendant for which she also won a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

After that, she was also seen in numerous films and television series including a lead voice acting role in the popular Harley Quinn animated series.

How much did Kaley Cuoco earn from The Big Bang Theory?

Even though she has been a part of countless projects after her success in The Big Bang Theory, nothing could top the show's value in both her career and life. She has stated in several interviews about the extraordinary achievements she made in the show and how it will always have a primary contribution to her career.

The Ladies Man actress currently has a net worth of $110 million.

The CBS show made a huge contribution to her career as she started the show with around $60,000. Following the success, her paycheck was increased to $200,000. The success only elevated further as season 8 paid her a huge $1 million per episode.

However, she also won massive respect after negotiating her paycheck to $900,000 for the last two seasons. It was done to help her co-stars Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch re-negotiate their salaries as well.

The Big Bang Theory can be streamed on Max.

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