Ticket To Paradise Ending Explained (In Detail)

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Ticket to Paradise Ticket to Paradise ushers in another romantic comedy, this one with big-name actors reunited on the silver screen. George Clooney and Julia Roberts play a divorced couple who plan to ruin their daughter's wedding after she meets and gets engaged to someone while vacationing in Bali. The rom-com, directed by Ol Parker from a screenplay he co-wrote with Daniel Pipski, received mixed reviews from critics, but it ranked higher with audiences.

Ticket to Paradise ends with Georgia Cotton (Roberts) turning down boyfriend Paul's proposal, the second one occurring after she and ex-husband David (Clooney) shared a kiss.

Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) and Gede (Maxime Bouttier) are officially married and happy. And although their vacation in the scenic and beautiful Bali has come to an end, Georgia and David decide to remain on the island for a while longer, suggesting they may rekindle their romance after so many years apart. Here is a full guide to Ticket to Paradise's ending explained, including why Georgia really says no to Paul's proposal.

What Caused Georgia & David To Divorce Each Other?

There are a lot of factors that play into any divorce.

The same goes for Georgia and David Cotton, who were only married for five years before they decided to call it quits. Georgia was starting to feel like she wasn't herself and that she was going to be stuck simply being a wife and mother. She believed she had to leave her marriage to rekindle what she had lost inside herself. David was disillusioned by the life they could have had and never got a chance to live. After buying a lake house property, a decision that led to financial strain, David felt that if he could finally fix up the house everything would be okay. However, the couple were always fighting, and that tension kept building to the point that they left each other for good.
Despite being apart, Georgia and David's marital fighting rolled over into their post-divorce relationship and continued for years.

Why Georgia & David Hate Each Other So Much

Georgia and David's relationship in Ticket to Paradise is far from amicable. They can barely stand to be in the same room with each other, and they have difficulty restraining themselves from verbal jabs and competition, even at their daughter's law school graduation ceremony. The divorce itself caused a rift that turned their love into hatred, leading one to believe the deterioration of their marriage was incredibly messy.

There is also two decades' worth of resentment, anger, and general frustration that has continued to build between them, feeding into their tumultuous relationship to the point that they only see red when in each other's presence.

Their hatred is also fueled by their tactics to avoid discussing anything deeper, including their feelings about their divorce and what led to it. There are a lot of unresolved issues between them, and Georgia and David's open hatred keeps them at arm's length, which is why they become closer while in Bali. It's the first time in years when they can't cover up their true feelings and vulnerabilities with a hateful facade.

Their time together forces the rom-com characters to address emotions and have conversations that dig far deeper than they have allowed themselves to in a long time.

Why David & Georgia Try To Sabotage Their Daughter's Wedding

David and Georgia bicker constantly, but the one thing they can agree on is that their daughter getting married — and so soon after she meets Gede — is a mistake. While they act supportive, David and Georgia plot to drive a wedge between Gede and Lily because they are coming from a place of hurt, resentment, and bitterness.

Their marriage didn't work out and they both saw it as a mistake, so they don't want Lily to jump into a marriage that could potentially ruin her own life. Ticket to Paradise sees Georgia and David scheming behind their daughter's back, but they see their actions as a good thing; they're trying to prevent Lily from hurting and regretting her decision. They may fight about everything else, but Georgia and David have always been on the same page regarding their daughter's wellbeing.

Why Georgia Says No To Paul's Proposal

There are several layers to Georgia saying no to Paul's proposing: Her ambivalence towards being remarried, not feeling like she could fully be herself with Paul, and her lingering feelings for David. There was no doubt that Georgia cared for Paul, but there was something missing from their relationship that made her hesitate in marrying him. Being married again was a commitment she wasn't willing to make, especially when Georgia felt a general discomfort within the relationship. Paul (Lucas Bravo) may have been a nice guy, but marrying the pilot would have sent her backsliding. What's more, Georgia's feelings for David also stood in the way.

Her ex was a reminder of certain regrets, but also of the strong love and connection she felt. It was a love she didn't feel for Paul.

Will Georgia & David Truly Rekindle Their Romance?

Georgia and David's relationship had certainly thawed by the end of Ticket to Paradise. The exes share a kiss and get along smashingly well when it comes to their schemes to break up Lily and Gede ahead of their wedding. With Georgia turning down Paul's proposal and she and David back to being a bit more than friendly with each other, it's possible they will rekindle their romance — at least for a while.

By the end of the romantic comedy, Georgia and David seemed ready to take the leap with each other once more, and their decision to stay in Bali hints they want the time to properly explore their chemistry together without interruptions from their daily lives.

While Ticket to Paradise doesn't confirm Georgia and David are officially back together, it implies that the exes are willing to try again. If Lily could find love in Bali and get them to set aside their own differences, there's a chance David and Georgia will see where things go. After all, they're older and more settled into their lives and careers; the spark remains as well, with all signs pointing to a successful, more mature romance. It's possible the pair's second chance at love might not last forever, but the fact they're giving it another shot — with open hearts and minds this time around — is a great start.

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