Rihanna drapes black jacket over baby bump as she and A$AP Rocky arrive at LAX's with her mother

Rihanna showed off a lovely soft smile as she arrived at Los Angeles' LAX airport on Friday.

The 35-year-old superstar singer was joined on the trip by her partner A$AP Rocky, 34, along with her mother Monica Braithwaite, though it wasn't clear if her first child — who exclusively revealed was named RZA — was joining the group.

The trio got to skip the commotion of the regular airport, as they arrived at The Private Suites, the luxurious and exclusive terminal just across the street from LAX that caters to wealthy fliers who want privacy and perks.

Rihanna was dressed for comfort ahead of her flight with a grungy mostly black ensemble.

She kept her burgeoning baby bump hidden by draping a baggy black jacket with embroidered designs over her shoulders, and she appeared to also have a blue sweatshirt tied around her torso underneath it.

Family vacation: Rihanna, 35, showed off a lovely smile as she arrived at LAX's private terminal on Friday for a flight with her beau A$AP Rocky and mom Monica Braithwaite

She complemented the jacket with a matching pair of black embroidered pants, and she stayed comfy with textured black-and-white trainers.

The Umbrella singer accessorized with a chunky black handbag on her arm, and she blocked out the piercing light with a set of slim cat-eye sunglasses with playful star designs over the temples.

She kept her hair as casual as her outfit by pulling it back in a puffy bun.

Unlike his love, Rocky (born Rakim Mayers) masked up as he arrived at the private suites.

He wore his hair in cornrows, and he had on what looked like a green-and-blue varsity letter–style jacket.

Rihanna's mother Monica also kept things simple with a pale seafoam hoodie and matching pants, as well as slim sunglasses.

It's not clear where the family was heading, but Rihanna was seen stepping out near signs advertising airlines that travel to Mexico.

Regardless of her destination, she didn't appear to believe in packing lightly.

Back in black: She had a black jacket draped over her torso, and she wore matching black embroidered pants with black-and-white trainers and slim sunglasses

Stuffed to the max: A$AP Rocky was seen in a green-and-blue varsity jacket while masked up. The couple required a separate minivan to carry all of their luggage

Taking it easy: Rihanna's mother Monica (R) looked casual in a pale seafoam sweatsuit

The Work singer and her entourage brought along so much luggage for the flight that they had to have a separate mini van to ferry it all to the airport.

Rihanna usually keeps her relationship with her mother, an accountant, under the radar. 

Last year, while she was pregnant with her first child, Rihanna shared a sweet Instagram post paying tribute to her mother on her birthday, in which she opened up about the newfound 'respect' she had for the woman who raised her.

'Being on the verge of motherhood, unlocked new levels of love and respect I have for my mommy in a way I could never explain! She's the tru MVP and I wanna give her her flowers every second I can! Love you mumzzzz!!!' she wrote adoringly.


Monica was married to Rihanna's father Ronald Fenty, but the couple divorced in 2002 when she was 14.

The hitmaker's casual attire on Friday was a far cry from the 'quiet luxury' she displayed in a TikTok video from earlier this week.

She began by showing off a set of black open-toe heels with jeweled straps around her ankles.

But after strutting around dramatically in them, she lowered the camera to reveal that she was wearing an enormous tear drop–shaped diamond ring on one of her toes. 

Sweet: Last year, Rihanna praised her mom on her birthday and said that her pregnancy with RZA had given her a newfound appreciation for everything she had done to raise her

Sparkler: Rihanna's casual airport look was a far cry from the luxurious diamond ring she wore on her toe in a recent video 

The songstress also recently got a strong show of protective love from her boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

The rapper was seen in a video shared by a Rihanna fan account from a recent club outing for the two.

After a brawl broke out between several men not far from where the couple were enjoying themselves, Rocky shouted at them to 'act like gentlemen right now' because 'I got my lady in here.'

He and Rihanna have been together since 2020, and he is father of RZA and their upcoming baby. The lovebirds were friends and collaborators for years before they began dating. 

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