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Remember When Jim Parsons Was Too Honest With Rihanna & Offended Her?

The most Sheldon Cooper thing Jim Parsons said in real life.

We all know and love Jim Parsons for his incredible portrayal of the eccentric Sheldon Cooper on the hit show The Big Bang Theory. And of course, we are all familiar with the immensely talented Rihanna, whose music has captured the hearts of millions.

What many people may not remember is that these two actually worked together on the animated movie Home. Parsons voiced the character named Oh, and Rihanna voiced a teenage girl, Tip Tucci.

During the promotional phase of the film, Jim Parsons and Rihanna had the opportunity to interview each other for Yahoo.

The interview was filled with fun and interesting moments, but there was one particular moment that certainly stood out the most.

Jim Parsons asked Rihanna about a skill or talent she would like to learn. To everyone's surprise, Rihanna mentioned that she would like to learn how to whistle. Now, here's where things took an unexpected turn.

While mentioning that he can't whistle either, Jim Parsons, being the honest and forthright person that he is, couldn't help but express his surprise that a musician like Rihanna didn't already possess the ability to whistle.

Rihanna appeared to be offended by Jim's genuine surprise. Her response was a shocked exclamation of "What?!"

It's understandable that Rihanna, who is known for her incredible vocal talents, may have felt taken aback by the way Parsons expressed his surprise.

Even the most well-intentioned comments can sometimes unintentionally upset someone. We all have our sensitivities, and in this case, Jim Parsons unknowingly stumbled upon one of Rihanna's.

Parsons immediately said "I'm sorry", and they moved on with the interview. It's unlikely that Rihanna is holding a grudge to this day. Her reaction was more surprised than offended. Who knows, maybe Parsons said it on purpose as a little joke.

Both Jim Parsons and Rihanna are incredibly talented individuals who have contributed significantly to their respective fields.

Even though Home wasn't a huge success (with mixed reviews and low profit), it's still great that these two were able to work together and create something memorable in the movie.

Source: Yahoo

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