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How Young Sheldon season 6 finale explained major The Big Bang Theory plothole

Young Sheldon Season 6 ended with an emotional rollercoaster ride. The season finale was a bit of a mixed bag, featuring both happy and horrifying moments. A severe hurricane struck Texas just as Sheldon (Iain Armitage) and Mary (Zoe Perry) were getting ready to start their new lives in a foreign nation, tearing apart several homes, one of which was Connie's (Annie Potts).

The final episode of Season 6 of Young Sheldon, titled A Tornado, a 10-Hour Flight, and a Darn Fine Ring, finally addressed a major inconsistency in the story. The Big Bang Theory spinoff series has had a few differences throughout the seasons; the biggest one was perhaps regarding Sheldon's grandmother, Connie. However, the Season 6 finale may have finally explained it.

The devasting Tornado in Young Sheldon season 6 might have triggered Connie's drastic change

Young Sheldon gained immense popularity as it uncovered Sheldon's past and explored the lives of family members. Sheldon considered his 'Meemaw,' Connie Tucker, one of his favorite people in the world. However, the Connie we see in The Big Bang Theory greatly differs from the one shown in the prequel series.

The prequel series portrays Connie as a free-spirited, self-sufficient woman who lives her life any way she pleases (which makes her one of the most adorable characters). Nearly thirty years later, when we see the same character again in The Big Bang Theory, she is a stiff, extremely devout woman, unlike the Connie we are familiar with.

Any offshoot series will always have some minor errors, and Young Sheldon left a gaping plothole with the character of Connie. However, when the tornado hits Medford, Texas, in the final episode of Season 6, we see a hint explaining Connie's personality change.

Connie's house gets destroyed in the aftermath of the storm. This may be the turning point for Connie to transform into the devout lady we know in The Big Bang Theory. In the events leading up to the tornado, Pastor Jeff and his congregation launch a war against Connie's video store for distributing films not conforming to Christian values. He even threatened Connie, saying God would punish her for her immoral enterprise.

Connie Tucker might very well have become a changed person after the storm destroyed her house, thinking it was divine punishment for running an illegal casino behind her laundromat business.

The final episode of Young Sheldon season 6 hints towards the change in the free-spirited Connie Tucker as she may choose to atone for her "sins" and follow the pious ways of her daughter Mary. The change will address the gaping plothole aptly and add to Connie's character development. Only season 7 will reveal whether this fixed the plothole or not.

Young Sheldon Season 6 saw Sheldon depart to Germany for the Heidelberg research program. It was also a tumultuous period for Missy, who was rebelling against her parents. Between Georgie and Mandy deciding to get married and Meemaw moving in with Dale, Season 7 will have much to build upon.

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