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Why Jim Parsons Doesn’t Regret Leaving Big Bang Theory After 12 Seasons

Jim Parsons maintains that he doesn't regret leaving The Big Bang Theory. In a shocking turn of events, the hit CBS sitcom ended its 12-season run in 2019 despite still being a ratings winner for the network. The reason for the cancelation was unclear at first until reports came out that it boiled down to Parsons' decision to walk away from his role as Sheldon. Subsequently, this was confirmed by the actor himself who explained that his choice was due to an amalgamation of factors, including the realization that he wants to do other things in his career.

More than three years since The Big Bang Theory ended, Parsons looks back on his choice in a new interview with Washington Post and says that he doesn't regret it. Even when news broke out that it resulted in some cast conflicts, including a brief tiff with Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny on the show, the actor says that he doesn't have hang-ups with anything that happened on The Big Bang Theory's 12-year-run. Read Parsons' full quote below:

"I definitely am at peace with it. Even more so now, that time is going by, I see that whole 12 years on 'Big Bang' as such a glorious, creatively prosperous time. I have no regrets for how anything went on that show. That being said, and I say this with the full knowledge that I am a very, very fortunate man: I really love my life as it is right now."

Jim Parsons' The Big Bang Theory Exit Was Controversial

After Parsons decided to exit the series, the rest of the cast and producers thought that it would be best to wrap up the series with a complete cast. However, things weren't as simple as that. Leonard actor Johnny Galecki admitted to being blindsided by the end of the series. While he understood where Parsons was coming from, he said that he wished the whole thing was handled with more care. Instead, he felt like the news of The Big Bang Theory ending was just dropped on him. He didn't particularly like how it impacted Cuoco, who took the news hard.

Despite this, Parsons appears to only be getting more convinced that he did the right thing when he left the show. Commenting on the backlash on his The Big Bang Theory exit, he says that, while it doesn't feel good to learn about it, he stands by his choice. He knew that leaving the sitcom at that time was the right thing to do for himself. His aforementioned comment about not having any regrets reiterates that.

Interestingly, however, Parsons says that he would have wanted to see The Big Bang Theory continue without Sheldon. Unfortunately, that would be difficult to accomplish considering how integral the character was to the show's popularity. The fact that Young Sheldon remains the only spin-off from the nerd-centric sitcom proves certainly proves this, but it also doesn't rule out an eventual reunion of sorts for the cast of the hit show.

Source: Washington Post

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