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3 Big Changes Young Sheldon Made to Missy That Make Us See Her Differently In TBBT

We love The Big Bang Theory for many things, but mostly we love the series because of its quirky main cast.

The adventures of four geeky friends are so fun to follow, with all the hilarious situations they happen to fall into.

We learn to love some characters more than others, and it’s only natural to pick preferences. For example, in the beginning of the series lots of fans despised Howard. But towards the end of the show he became one of the most fan-beloved characters.

Actually almost the same but in a totally opposite way happened to one more TBBT character, Missy Cooper.

Missy is Sheldon’s twin sister, and despite the fact that she only appeared twice in the whole show she quickly became one of the most fan favorite side characters.

Sweet and nice, she made us like her and be angry at Sheldon for his attitude toward her. But with the release of the series, fans actually began to learn more about the character's personality.

For example, Young Sheldon established Missy as a quite capable character and arguably the most well-adjusted member of the Cooper family. She is smart, but not in the way that Sheldon is. Unfortunately, she was never given the opportunity to reach her full potential.

The family barely noticed her presence on the show, focusing entirely on Sheldon and sometimes on Georgie's love life.

She had no real friends, no real support. So when we see her on we start to understand why she ended up the way she did.

Young Sheldon also explains why Missy was not "friends" with Mary on The Big Bang Theory. The show points out Missy's growing resentment toward her mother for always playing favorites with Sheldon. To make matters worse, when Mary actually tries to do something nice for her daughter, it ends up backfiring.

Another thing that hits differently is actually the dialog between Sheldon and Georgie in season 11 of The Big Bang Theory, when Georgie calls Missy a "dumb teenager" in reference to their childhood together in Texas.

Now it's clear that he was talking about the rebellious phase of Missy that we saw in the season 6 finale, with all her lying and sneaking out.

Well, it seems like there is a lot of controversy in Missy's character, so maybe a new spinoff will deal with that? Just an idea...

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