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20 Photos Of Julia Roberts Proving She Doesn't Even Need To Try To Look Good

Julia Roberts is one of the most successful women in Hollywood to this day. Starring in countless iconic films such as 'Pretty Woman', 'Erin Brockovich', and 'Eat Pray Love', she has amassed an insane following and developed an impressive repertoire of hit films.

Despite her incredible acting ability, Julia Roberts is also quite the stunner! She was easily the most beautiful actresses of the 90s, contributing to some of the most trendy fashion choices and beauty routines that everyone immediately followed.

In addition to her being drop-dead gorgeous, Julia has proven her beauty within as well as an activity and philanthropist for many organizations including UNICEF and the Red Cross, making her quite the gem! Here are 20 photos of the stunning actress not even having to try to look good.

40 One With Nature


We love a natural beauty, quite literally! Julia Roberts looks ravishing sitting criss-cross applesauce in some denim shorts and a black jumper. Not only is the star looking as fresh as a daisy, but her no-makeup look is not an easy one to pull off.

38 Laughing It Up


Julia Roberts is always one to have a great time, and look even greater doing it! The star was paying homage to actor Denzel Washington at the 47th AFI awards where she sported a lovely black dress with a floral pattern that looked brilliant on the actress.

36 Double Roberts


It appears the Roberts' are taking over Hollywood, or at least it seems that way. Julia Roberts and niece Emma Roberts both look absolutely stunning. Julia can not only pull off a gown and heels, but she knows how to pull off a casual ensemble just as well.

34 Smilin' Selfie


We love a celebrity mashup, and this one is giving us all sorts of feels. Not only is the gorgeous Julia Roberts wearing her iconic pink gown and stunning jewels, but the 'My Best Friends Wedding' actress is posing beside actor Paul Rudd in this star-studded selfie that we absolutely adore.

32 Rock Climbing


Although Julia Roberts does not actually rock climb in heels and a pink haute couture gown, she probably could if she wanted. The actress is looking like a vision in pink in this shot, and could not have been a better choice for this cover of Harpers Bazaar.

30 Red Carpet


Julia Roberts is hands down one Hollywood star that just about everyone looks forward to seeing on a red carpet. Not only does Julia always show up ready to show off just how stunning she truly is, but she always shows up with a smile!

28 Beach Waves


Julia is a woman of many hairstyles, and although we have seen her as a redhead, brunette and blonde, we must admit, that this look is really killing it. The actress looks radiant with her "natural" beach wave hairdo that shapes her face and shows off her stunning smile.

26 Hollywood Glam


When it comes to Hollywood glam, no one can pull a look off as elegant and beautiful as Julia Roberts. The actress looks like a true princess in this shot! Roberts is dressed in a pink gown for the 2019 Academy Awards in Los Angeles. Her hairstyle is classic Julia Roberts and those diamonds are definitely a nice touch.

24 Red Nose Day


As mentioned, Julia Roberts is quite the advocate! She is a massive supporter of countless organizations such as UNICEF and Red Cross and always participates in Comic Reliefs 'Red Nose Day'. Roberts posted this shot to her social media, showing off her natural beauty and kind heart.

22 Getting Glam


It definitely takes a village to look head to toe glam in Hollywood today, however, leave it to Julia Roberts to look heavenly while getting glam. The mirror pic of Roberts getting her hair and makeup done showcases the beauty of the star in a "caught-off guard" way that only Julia can really do.

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