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Fans Think Brad Pitt Gave Jennifer Aniston This Meaningful Gift For Her 50th Birthday

Fans will probably never get over the union that was Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Yes, it's been a long time since the two have been spouses, and definitely a long time since they've been friendly. But that doesn't mean fans don't ship a reunion, and if the rumors are to be believed, maybe Brad has some thoughts on the matter, too.

For example, fans believe that when Jen turned 50 in 2019, Brad went all-out and got her the most meaningful gift.

Fans on Quora say that Brad pulled out all the stops and spent $79 million on a super-luxe gift for Jen. But what was the high-ticket item, and why was it both insanely expensive and super meaningful?

Well, fans say, Pitt made the extravagant move to buy back the couple's former home in Beverly Hills. Apparently, the ex-spouses let the house go during their divorce settlement, and fans suggest that Jennifer was always upset about losing the property.

It was their "dream home," sources say, and Brad's decision to buy it back and give it to Jennifer was a major act of friendship (or maybe something more). Fans also say that "Brad's gesture reportedly made the actress incredibly emotional."

While that sounds adorable, and just the type of grand gesture Brad would use to get back in Jennifer's good graces, some commenters called the theory bogus.

For starters, did the pair really lose a home during their divorce proceedings? It's true that the couple didn't have a prenup, so fans have often wondered how much Brad had to pay Jen. But it appears that they split their property pretty evenly, including the production company they co-owned.

As far as that Beverly Hills property? Sources suggest that Jennifer was awarded the home during the divorce. But as Architectural Digest reported, the pair sold off the property after their divorce; it netted them $28 million in 2006.

Both Brad and Jennifer went on to purchase other properties of their own. But in 2019, their former Beverly Hills pad went on the market again. Only it didn't cost $70 million; Architectural Digest reported that the home was originally listed at $56 million in 2019. It later sold in 2020 for $32.5 million.

The transaction was off-market, however, and the home sold to an unnamed buyer. A hedge fund manager was the prior owner, and he had bought out Pitt and Aniston years ago.

So while it's possible that Brad re-purchased the home in a hush-hush transaction, it definitely didn't happen for Jen's 50th birthday. For reference, Jennifer's 50th was February 2019, while the home sold in August of 2020.

Besides, Jennifer could have bought any home she wanted with her own cash. Jen's worth $200 million to Brad's $300M. So although her celeb friends apparently want Jennifer Aniston to date a particular comedian, she definitely don't need no man.

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