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Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd Took Turns To Touch Naked Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star's P*nis In $24M Movie, Almost Every Co-Star Followed Suit

Jennifer Aniston (Bruce Almighty) and Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), who have known each other since their days on Friends (1994-2004) got back together for a comedy film that sensationalized Aniston for her topless scene.

But, it wasn't her own scene that she was curious about telling. Speaking to Josh Horowitz of MTV, she revealed a piece of inside information from the set of the $24 million film – Wanderlust (2012).

The actor whom Aniston and Rudd had a great time with on set was Joe Lo Truglio, who had his p-nis touched by his co-stars; he went on to play Charles Boyle in the NBC sitcom – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013).

Wanderlust, directed by David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer), had a theme where money and clothing weren't as necessary in a rural setting that Rudd and Aniston's characters stumble upon while on a road trip.


Aniston played Linda Gergenblatt, wife of Paul Rudd's George Gergenblatt. The story followed their journey from losing high-paying jobs to a rural commune where people lived however they wanted to.

They encountered Joe Lo Truglio's Wayne Davidson while driving during the night. Truglio's character instantly became the subject of intrigue; he walked naked and Jennifer Aniston joked about touching his p-nis. As it turned out, it was a prosthetic prop.

"Joe Lo Truglio, the first night he came out with his prosthetic p-nis, within five minutes we were all touching it," Aniston revealed. "We were touching it, and we were examining it. It was just so interesting. It was just right there, underneath it. I think the first night of the shooting, I could resist, there was the beginning of many, many b-tt slaps."

Watch the scene —

The experience, however, wasn't something that was new to Rudd as he had collaborated with Wain on Wet Hot American Summer in 2001.


Aniston told Horowitz that n-dity, while filming, wasn't something that actors were startled about. According to her, even Paul Rudd had to be n-ked sometimes.

"You've shown your butt," she said to Rudd. "Many times," he replied. "And onscreen as well," she joked. "In the makeup chair, he always never had clothes on."

Rudd even shared his own side of the story —

"I had to get dressed for the shots. But when we weren't shooting, I was hanging brain, as it were."

Wanderlust starred Aniston's ex-husband Justin Theroux, Jordan Peele, and Kathryn Hahn in supporting roles; it is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: MTV

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