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Jennifer Aniston’s Net Worth: How Much Money Has Aniston Made From FRIENDS?

Jennifer Aniston the acclaimed star of Hollywood has always been in the news for her outstanding acting skills and timeless beauty. While the actor is well-known for her role as Rachel Green in the 90s all-time hit sitcom , she has done many other breathtaking projects in the course of her career. As still among the most loved shows by both the old and new generations, fans have also wondered how much stars of these shows like Aniston have made from it.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Net Worth

Apart from , has worked on many different kinds of projects, including , and many more. Even though the journey of Aniston’s stardom started with FRIENDS over the years the actor has worked a lot and earned both fame and fortune.

With all the money that the actress has earned, she today stands as one of the most famous and highly sought-after comedic actresses in Hollywood with a net worth of $320 million. Most of her earnings come from acting, endorsements, and other sources. Reportedly, Aniston collectively earns more than $20 million each year from these sources.

The biggest milestone for Aniston in terms of finance came after the seventh season of her famous sitcom . It was the first time that the actress made her way to the list of one of the highest-paid actresses. Ever since then, Aniston has been on that list every year.

Jennifer Aniston’s Earnings from FRIENDS

was one of the most famous sitcoms which started back in 1994. While the series ran till 2004, it brought both fame and fortune for all 6 people on the cast including Aniston. Reportedly all of the people in this show were paid an equal amount each season.

As per the reports in the very first season, all of them were paid around $22,500 for each episode which means by the end of the season along with all the stars even Aniston made around $540,00. Although as the popularity of the show increased, even the earnings of the actors increased as all of them earned $960,000 for the second season, $1.875 million for the third, $2.04 million for the fourth, $2.5 million for the fifth, $3.125 million for the sixth and by the seventh and eight seasons each of them made around $18 million per season. This means that Aniston made earnings of around $90 million as her base salary from the entire show.

Even though the show ended long back all the actors of the show still get a hefty check in the name of royalties. Even today generates around $1 billion per year, and each of its actors along with Aniston is provided with $10 to $20 million in royalties alone.


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