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After Julia Roberts Rejected 'Devout Christian' Role in $309M Movie, Sandra Bullock Also Wanted to Quit Until Director Begged Her Not to - Won Best Actress Oscar

Sandra Bullock is a successful American star who has starred in dozens of iconic movies in her storied career. She has drawn critical acclaim throughout her run in Hollywood as one of the leading talents on the silver screen whose cinematic genius is unparalleled. Bullock has consistently delivered applaud-worthy, engaging performances and earned positive reviews from critics. An incredible and versatile actress, she easily ranks among the most bankable performers in the industry.

The Speed Lost City movie star has been part of several revolutionary films, including the 2009 biographical sports drama The Blind Side. In this project, she portrayed Leigh Anne Tuohy, who is a prominent businesswoman in America. However, Bullock turned down the role before finally accepting it and won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Sandra Bullock Nearly Rejected Leigh Anne Tuohy's Role in The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock has proved her acting prowess by giving some of her most extraordinary performances in romcom and action flicks. Bullock, who won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in 2009 The Blind Side movie, initially rejected the part multiple times. 

She played Leigh Anne Tuohy in John Lee Hancock's directorial film, and Tuohy once revealed that her role was initially offered to Julia Roberts, but due to her prior work commitments, the actress turned down the offer. She told Desert News,

"My part was completely written for Julia Roberts by 20th Century Fox. She was locked, she was loaded, and everything was great. We were on G waiting for O. At some point; she realized that there was a time constraint in this because John Lee [Hancock] was very specific of how he wanted to film The Blind Side. She'd already had two commitments, and she could not fit that time frame, and they worked, they tried to juggle, and it just didn't happen."

According to reports, the actress considered dropping the film after a couple of weeks of shooting. Bullock claimed that the role was challenging, and she wanted to do justice to Tuohy. In a candid interview with Tribute Movies, the Bird Box movie actress revealed that after meeting Leigh Anne Tuohy, she was awed by her aura and wanted to give her all for the role.

The proposal movie actress shared, 

"It was really scary. That's why I just kept saying, 'No'… Leigh Anne will beat anyone in their energy, any day, in her sleep. When I first met her, I was thoroughly exhausted by the time I left her, and she was still gonna go for another five hours."

Bullock continued,

"I left going, 'I have no idea what I did. I don't know if it's right. I don't know if I gave what I needed to give.' But I was spent by the time I left. It was a good life experience, not just for the work. I felt like I came out of it just bigger. You felt fuller when you left this place." 

John Lee Hancock's  2009 directorial The Blind Side is a biographical sports drama starring Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy, Tim McGraw as Sean Tuohy, and Quinton Aaron as Oher. The film was a massive hit and grossed $309 million at the global box office. Bullock received prominent awards for her show-stopping performance, including an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and the Screen Actors Guild Award.

A Brief Note on Sandra Bullock's Career

Sandra Bullock is one of the most tenacious actresses in the world. Her perseverance and persistence are unmatched. She works harder and longer than most actors and has one of the best filmography records ever seen in Hollywood. Her passion for difficult projects and intricate rules is only matched by her dedication to her craft. Furthermore, she has a beautiful heart and an amazing personality, which make her one of the most loved actresses and entertainers in America.

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The Blind Side is available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: Tribute Movies

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