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Julia Roberts' $30,000,000 Insurance For Her Smile Does Not Seem Crazy Against Jennifer Lopez's $27 Million Butt and Mariah Carey's $1 Billion Insurance

The beautiful actress Julia Roberts has been ruling the hearts of her fans for more than three decades. Roberts became a fan favorite with her breakthrough movie in 1990. She has numerous accolades to her name, including an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards. The gorgeous star has given some spectacular performances over the years and always swooned our hearts with her infectious smile.

It is no doubt that Julia Roberts has the most beautiful smile ever and she can easily light up the screens with her pearly smile. It would be interesting to know that the  fame is very protective of her smile and has insured it for a massive amount.

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Julia Roberts insured her beautiful smile for $30 million

Any common folk would find it appalling, but yes, it is true. The  actress is known for her lovely looks and excellent acting performances. Despite her charm, people are drawn to her because of her sparkly and infectious smile. With her girl-next-door beauty, incredible wit, and mesmerizing smile, the actress has garnered a massive fan following.

When you are a star and your most loved asset is your beautiful smile, you would want to protect it too. Likewise, the fame had got an insurance cover for her flashy teeth smile. has spent a whopping amount of $30 million on the insurance policy.

The insurance of body parts may seem too far-fetched, but it is a common practice among celebrities. Julia Roberts is one of the multitudes of celebrities, who have protected their valuable assets with notable insurance policies.

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Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey insured their assets for mind-blowing amounts

Numerous celebrities have insured their legs to smiles or other body parts, that are valuable. Female celebrities have even insured their breasts and butts for massive chunks of money.

The stunning singer and actress, , has insured several parts of her body, but the most highlighted among them is the insurance for her butts. JLo’s booty is quite in demand, and several women have tried copying her looks. The   star has insured her rear side for a startling amount of 28 million dollars. It reflects that she has invested massively in her butts and wanted to maintain them in good condition, avoiding any risk.

Another world-famous singer, producer, and actress who insured her assets is. She is termed as Songbird Supreme by  for her incredible songwriting, vocal range, and melodious voice. The Queen of Christmas was named the first Celebrity Legs of a Goddess by Gilette Venus. The same year, the singer got her legs insured with a $1 billion insurance policy, which was a jaw-dropping sum of money.

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