Break time! Julia Roberts looks stylish in LBD as she visits husband Danny Moder on set of The Last Tycoon: Photos

Julia Roberts looked relaxed as she visited husband Danny Moder on the set of his latest gig.

The actress stopped by the lot during a break in filming of upcoming Amazon TV show The Last Tycoon in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Actors Lily Collins, Matt Bomer and actress Dominique McElligott were also spotted on set of the show, set in Hollywood's 1930s Golden Era.

Lunch break: Actress Julia Roberts visited cinematographer husband Danny Moder on set of The Last Tycoon in Los Angeles on Wednesday

Julia looked relaxed and happy as chatted with her cinematographer husband, 47, during a break in filming.

The movie star, 48, wore a stylish black dress with puffy shoulders and long, billowing sleeves.

The chic dress featured an embellished waist and pockets.

Quick visit: The actress wore a stylish black dress with long sleeves 

Star visit: Julia chatted with crew members on the set of the new Amazon TV show as her husband grabbed a bite

The Pretty Woman star left her auburn hair down in waves, and added black sunglasses.

She also wore stylish black flats with edgy, silver lace studs.

The mother-of-three looked animated as she gestured and chatted with her husband and crew members. 

Sharing is caring: The actress tried a taste of her husband's healthy lunch

Break time: The Money Monster star wore her auburn hair down 

And she got a quick bite when Danny, 47, shared a forkful of his healthy meal.

The couple have been married since 2002, and have three children: Henry, 8, and twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 11.

They also worked together on her most recent film, The Secret In Their Eyes. 

Julia has two upcoming movies this year: Money Monster, with George Clooney and Mother's Day,  with Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.

Chic: The 48-year-old looked relaxed as she gestured and chatted with crew on set

Stylish: Julia added black flats with silver studs and covered up with sunglasses

Visiting set: The movie star's dress featured long, billowing sleeves and a black accent on the waiste

The actress appeared to be in a good mood as she chatted with Danny and later greeted actor Matt Bomer with a big hug.

Matt, 38, looked dashing in his 1930s costume, wearing a white bow tie and suspenders. 

He plays a whiz kid studio executive who rises to the top of Hollywood in the show, which is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's unfinished final novel.

Big hug: Julia greeted actor Matt Bomer, who looked sharp in his 1930s costume

Catching up: The American Horror Story actor, who plays a ruthless studio executive in the new show,  wore a white bow tie and suspenders

The Amazon pilot also stars Lily Collins, who Julia embraced with a smile.

British-born Lily, 26, wore her dark hair in an elaborate hairstyle, and threw a white robe over her glamorous gown.

The daughter of singer Phil Collins added classic red lipstick and two large rings.

Catching up: The trio looked casual as they chatted between takes

Embrace: Julia beamed as she hugged actress Lily Collins

Lily's gown featured a black and beige halter neckline, and a long, flowing beige skirt that peeked out under her robe.

The Mortal Instruments star wore matching gold sandals and carried a large black handbag over one shoulder.

Actress Dominique McElligott was also seen on set, looking glamorous in a red gown.

Cosy: The 26-year-old wore a white robe over her black and beige gown

Hollywood's Golden Era: The British-born star wore her hair in an updo and added gold sandals

The Astronauts Wives Club and Hell On Wheels alum's 1930s-style dress featured a silver clasp at the neckline and matching slim belt.

She added a pretty white flower in her hair, and a delicate necklace.

The Irish actress hiked her floor-length dress up to reveal comfy slippers as she strolled through the lot during a break in filming. 

Bright spark: Irish actress Dominique McElligott hiked up her gorgeous red gown to reveal comfy slippers

Dashing: Matt wore a black tuxedo and waist coat with a white flower on the lapel

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