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"She'll splurge. It's no big deal": 54 Year Old Jennifer Aniston's Secret to Angelic Abs Will Blow Your Mind

Jennifer Aniston is one who has been charming her way through her fans thanks to her incredible skills as an actress. Being in the Hollywood industry for so long, she knows how to attract her fans. Not only that, but she has also created some life-long relationships with the people she has worked with. Whether it is her co-stars from Friends or Adam Sandler, the actress cherishes all that is before her.

She also has a strict outlook on her physique. Her workout is just as hard-core as her diet. However, much like everybody else, she too needs some cheat days. Aniston is not alone in wanting to enjoy her favorite food without the worry of ruining something she has worked so hard for. However, what is included in her cheat days is something fans might be in awe of.

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Jennifer Aniston's Cheat Day Secrets

Jennifer Aniston works out five days a week without faltering and follows a strict diet which she cannot fall off of. However, she is always open to having cheat days so she can have some fun and let loose.

"Jen's meals are rich in protein with a healthy amount of carbs and she also indulges in treats and cheat days," an insider added. "If she wants to enjoy a dirty martini or tequila, she'll splurge. It's no big deal."

While on a daily basis, she would always go for a diet rich in carbs and proteins, her weekends have a different side of her altogether. She enjoys a dirty martini or tequila that can soothe her from within. No matter how healthy her routine and diet may be, she will always have room for some dirty martinis. She finds balance in her life through workouts, meditation, low-intensity exercises, and some good food she can enjoy.

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Jennifer Aniston Is Passionate Towards Her Acting

Insiders opened up about how Jennifer Aniston is when it comes to her professional choices. They revealed that although she would be yearning for a script that could make the audience stand up and applaud, she will be willing to chase a script that catches her eye and will go with the flow from there.

"From the filmmaker's point of view to the actors and the roles that they give you, it's been allowing me to keep pushing it a little further, and allowing that actor in me to go deep and explore."

She further explained that independent films have more room for creativity and everyone has a say in what would happen and how the movie would go. That is something she prefers and adores.

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