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5 Unpopular Young Sheldon Opinions That Should Actually Be Popular, Ranked

Young Sheldon has fans divided on a lot of things, doesn’t it?

Here are five hot takes on that make a lot of sense once you think about them (according to Reddit).

5. Young Sheldon Is Better Than TBBT

Maybe not the most unpopular opinion out there, but longtime fans would beg to differ. The prequel show has outlived the original, which is a rare occurrence, and many fans believe that Young Sheldon is simply more fascinating to watch – the characters are more developed, the storylines are more diverse, and Sheldon is less annoying.

4. Older Sheldon Can’t Be Redeemed

Young Sheldon has given viewers a glimpse into Sheldon’s early life, and it’s surprisingly… normal and not at all what you would expect it to be, based on adult Sheldon’s stories.

Having seen the loving family and friends Sheldon has had since his childhood, we just can’t make excuses for older Sheldon’s behavior. He’s had plenty of opportunities to grow, but somehow he has just reverted to what he was like as a young kid.

3. George’s Emotional Affair Is Worse Than Mary’s

Both George and Mary haven’t been mentally faithful to each other, and their situations are often compared. However, George and Brenda were an inch away from literal adultery (if it hadn’t been for his heart attack), but Mary and Rob were just close friends who spent time together in public.

She may have felt something for the youth pastor, but she never even thought of acting on it, unlike George.

2. Sheldon and Georgie’s Relationship Is Abysmal

We mean, it does make sense for them not to be too close, considering what we have seen happen to their strained relationship later in The Big Bang Theory, but still. Georgie is sweet and caring, and Sheldon doesn’t appreciate him enough, always thinking that he is smarter than Georgie. Yet, Georgie is the one who gets told off by his parents for being glad to be away from Sheldon.

Not fair.

1. Mary Is Not as Bad as She Is Painted

Young Sheldon fans may not agree on a lot of things, but they all love hating on Mary. Sure, she’s religious, and that sometimes gets in the way of her common sense – that doesn’t mean that she is evil. Mary is a great mom who is just trying to make sure her family is happy and healthy. It’s time to stop acting like she is the real villain of the show. She is just a mother.


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