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Mayim Bialik And The Other Big Bang Theory Cast Members Had A Favourite Set They Loved To Hangout At When The Cameras Weren't Rolling

The comic book store was an important set piece on The Big Bang Theory where plenty of memorable scenes occurred on the hit series. Two of the actors on the show have spoken highly of the on-set comic book store, and have also reminisced about the amount of time they spent there when they weren't rehearsing or filming scenes.

Celebrities spend their time different ways when they're shooting a movie, and the cameras aren't rolling. The stars who are method actors will choose to stay in character, which can be difficult depending on the role they're playing. Other celebs might hang out on their sets, depending on what or where they're shooting.

Two of the actors from The Big Bang Theory loved hanging out in the comic book store on the set when they weren't filming.

Mayim Bialik And Brian Posehn Had A Close Relationship Behind The Scenes

The Big Bang Theory first premiered on CBS in 2007 and became a huge hit. During the show's run, numerous celebrities made guest-appearances, cameos or became recurring guest stars in the science-based series.

Mayim Bialik, who started working in Hollywood at a young age, was a guest-star who later became a series regular. Like her character, Amy, Bialik is a scientist in real-life.

The Blossom actress, had co-star Brian Posehn visit her podcast, the Breakdown, and discussed Dungeons & Dragons and The Big Bang Theory with the comedian during their interview. Both Bialik and Posehn discussed feeling nervous when they started the show.

Poeshn joked that he started to open up more after "maybe the sixth or eighth episode. I started to go, 'Ok, well they don't hate me here.' (laughs)"

Bialik said, "I came home on a Friday, and I called my manager, and I said, I think this is probably my last episode. I feel like they're just kind of done, I don't really know, I'm doing my best, and it's funny, but, I think this is it.


"Literally that day, before end of day, we got a call that they were offering me to be a regular."

Bialik added, "I likened joining, and I'm sure you (Posehn) felt this way too, joining the last year of high school, in the last semester, two weeks in, when everybody's got their locker and their alliances."

Posehn commented, "I felt even more out of place. It was so funny to be on a show about nerds where I felt like the biggest nerd there. I would walk in and go, 'God, these guys are so f****** cool."

Both Bialik And Poshn Enjoyed Hanging Out In The Comic Book Store

When Brian Poshn stopped by Mayim Bialik's podcast show, the Breakdown, the two discussed the time they spent in the comic book store when they weren't filming. The comic book store was one of the main settings on The Big Bang Theory, as many of the characters would hang out there on-screen.

During their interview, Bialik commented, "I would hang out in the comic book store." Posehn added he also hung out in the on-screen hang-out, "Me too."

While there the comedian noticed the lack of Marvel material. "I was on the set like holding up DC comics going, 'Oh, clearly because it's Warner Bros., no Marvel allowed.


Bialik also mentioned, "Whenever I would give people the tour of our set, my favorite place to take them was my favorite room which was the production set design office."

"Because we had like every [expensive] DC figurine that cost fifteen hundred dollars at the comic book store. We had them by the dozen. It was insane."

As well as the cool comic collection held in the store for the actors, there was also plenty of incredible memorabilia and props on different set pieces, and even backstage to set the atmosphere of the characters' world.

What Have Other Cast Members Said About 'The Comic Center Of Pasadena'?

The cast members of The Big Bang Theory had some memorable set pieces where most of the filming took place. One of the spots where the characters were often seen hanging out on-screen was at The Comic Center of Pasadena, usually called "the comic book store".

On the show, the store's owner is character Stuart Bloom, played by Kevin Sussman, who actually worked at a comic book store before joining the show.

During an interview with CNN, some of the cast members, including Mayim Bialik, discussed secrets from the set, and also talked about the characters' hang-out.

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting (Penny) said The Big Bang Theory's sets were "like a theme park.

" The Flight Attendant actress added how there were props everywhere, which set the tone for work. "I like how the prop department lines the hallways with all the things we've used. It puts me in the mood when I'm here at work."

Asked about their "favorite pieces of the set," Bialik discussed her love of the comic book store. "I'm a comic book person, I was raised in comic book stores - when we have the comic book set, I spend my breaks in the comic book set."

She continued, "Once I saw Y and the Last Man, and I was trying to explain it to Jim Parsons and I was saying 'This is a collected Y and the Last Man, I had to collect them all individually!' He said, 'I don't care! (laughs) I play someone who cares but I don't really care.


Kunal Nayyar (Raj) said, "I love the comic book store, that's the best, because I'm a huge Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fan, and they have all these figurines from Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and I get to be a kid again."

Wil Wheaton, a fan-favorite guest-star, added, "When we work in the comic book shop set, I want to take a lot of the books home with me. There are some incredible DC archive collections that are just used as set decoration. I walk in like Indiana Jones, 'This belongs in a museum.'"

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