Did The Big Bang Theory Writers Grow Sour On Mayim Bialik's Amy Character?


Mayim Bialik initially thought her character Amy would leave The Big Bang Theory after a season.The writers room was initially unsure about where Amy and Sheldon's relationship would go.The introduction of new characters like Bernadette and Amy was a smart move by the writers.

When a sitcom runs for as long as did, the writers need to make sure that every episode is as funny and compelling as the one before it. One smart way to accomplish this is to add in some new characters. In season 3, 's Amy Farrah Fowler first appeared. Fans were curious about the idea of a love interest for Sheldon Cooper since up until that point, it didn't seem like he was interested in finding his soulmate.

While some viewers were happy about Amy right away, others needed some more time to adjust to the idea.

After becoming part of the cast, , which was fascinating for fans to hear about. There's a lot that people should know about Bialik's time on The Big Bang Theory, including how long she was really meant to be on the show.

Did The Big Bang Theory Writers Want Mayim Bialik To Leave The Big Bang Theory?

Amy Farrah Fowler appeared in the season 3 episode "The Lunar Excitation" when she and Sheldon explore the world of online dating. They seem to be a good match right away since they are so similar.

But was Amy always destined to be a main cast member on The Big Bang Theory?

called "The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series" that included interviews with cast members and creator Chuck Lorre.

According to Entertainment Weekly, in this book, both Mayim Bialik and opened up about the truth about Amy Farrah Fowler and how long she was going to stay on the hit sitcom.

Bialik explained in the book that she assumed that after season 3, her character would leave, and that would be that.

At that point in her life, she was involved with other things that had nothing to do with Hollywood.

She said, "I had gotten my PhD about five years before. I was living my best hippie, science, mom life pretty much out of the industry."

Steve Molaro, the co-creator and showrunner on The Big Bang Theory, said that some viewers thought that Sheldon didn't need to be romantically involved with anyone. He explained that Chuck Lorre was a huge fan of Amy and knew that she was a special character. Molaro said, "We, in the writers room, were into it, but we didn't know where it was going to go."

Bialik explained that when she was told that she would be a full-time cast member of The Big Bang Theory from season 4 onward, it was an incredible moment. She said, "So it completely changed everything."

Jim Parsons shared that he knew that he would tell the writers that Amy absolutely had to stay on The Big Bang Theory. He thought "I will not let this character go without a fight."

Parsons continued, "I felt a certain way about working with Mayim that I was like, If for whatever reason we seemed to be weaning her off of this show as a character, I would go and talk to them.

I said this years ago, but I believe it even more now that one of the smartest things that the writers room ever did was introduce Bernadette and Amy at a point where, as far as interests and storylines go, we did not need them yet."

Parsons really liked the way that The Big Bang Theory writing staff came up with new characters and scenarios, and he felt that it worked well. He said, "The writers did not let the well run dry before they were like, Oh God, should we adopt a kid? Should we bring in a monkey? You know what I mean? They plugged these people in to see what was going to work and how it would work, and I thought it was genius.


What Happened To Mayim Bialik's The Big Bang Theory Character Amy Farrah Fowler?

It seems like The Big Bang Theory writers were happy with Mayim Bialik's character Amy Farrah Fowler and knew that she was a meaningful part of the sitcom. While sometimes, characters are introduced and it feels awkward, Amy has a fairly seamless transition since the entire point of her character is that she's awkward. Amy teaches Sheldon a lot about love and life, and that's important.

In season 4, Amy gets to know the other characters like Penny and Bernadette. In season 5, after she goes out with Stuart Bloom, Sheldon is upset and jealous and knows that they should be together.

In 2015, Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik, Steve Molaro, and Chuck Lorre spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about for the first time. It sounds like everyone was on board with the character and with her relationship with Sheldon.

Molaro said, “That’s what we tried to strive for — incremental growth — but the characters still feel like the characters. That’s what attracted me so much to that moment and that line. Yes, they’re going to be physical and, even though he liked it, once a year is good for him.”

Even though Mayim Bialik might have thought that Amy would leave The Big Bang Theory after season 3, fans are glad that she stuck around. Steve Molaro agrees that Amy was a necessary character for the sitcom.

As he told Variety in 2017, Amy and Sheldon's romance resulted in many great storylines. He said, "I think we’ve gotten a lot of mileage about watching these two people. They met at the end of season three, when Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) thought it would be funny to sign Sheldon up for a dating site and were shocked when the dating site found a match. So that’s how Amy came into his life as a stranger, and it’s been an incredible ride watching these two adults really function as sort of teenagers having their first love. It’s been a terrific part of the show."

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