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"Whatever he does in his life": Was Jennifer Aniston Jealous Of Charlize Theron For Hitting On Brad Pitt After His Messy Divorce With Angelina Jolie?

When Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron were rumored to be dating after his divorce from Angelina Jolie, some speculated whether ex-wife Jennifer Aniston felt any jealousy over the new romance. However, sources close to Aniston indicate she was unaffected by Theron’s brief connection to Pitt. Aniston’s divorce from him was ancient history and his personal life doesn’t concern her anymore. After the divorce, she focuses more on herself rather than thinking about her past love interest in Pitt.

Jennifer Aniston’s Split with Brad Pitt Was a Lifetime Ago

and Pitt’s high-profile divorce dominated headlines for years, but Aniston has made it clear she’s long since moved on.

A friend of the actor said, Aniston didn’t view Theron as a rival, given how much time had passed.

The source said Aniston’s attitude was She reportedly wished Pitt well and held no ill will towards him or Theron. Her primary concern was simply continuing to live her own happy life after years of scrutiny over the divorce.

Brad Pitt’s Dating Life Is No Longer Her Concern

At the time and Theron briefly dated, Aniston had been in a relationship with Justin Theroux for several years. A confidante said AnistonAn insider said she

on who Pitt is dating, as she sees it as

Rather than looking backward, Aniston was fully focused on her future with Theroux. The insider added, Aniston prioritized her current relationship over any lingering attachment to her former husband.

No Interest in Brad Pitt’s Personal Affairs

Sources reinforce that Aniston has lost all romantic interest in Pitt and doesn’t care to know details about his love life post-divorce. After years of media scrutiny over their split, Aniston just wants to live her own life without Pitt factoring in.

While Brad Pitt’s name has been frequently linked to Jennifer Aniston’s since their divorce, her apparent lack of concern over his short-lived romance with shows she has truly left the relationship behind. No longer allowing her life to revolve around her ex-husband, Aniston has shifted her full attention to the present, keeping her happiness independent of Pitt’s romantic pursuits. Her indifference proves their marital split is firmly in the past.

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