Reveal! Everything We Know About Jim Parsons And His Husband

Most people recognize Jim Parsons as Sheldon, the hilariously annoying genius - and total nerd - from the American sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. However, most people don't recognize his long-time partner: Todd Spiewak.

Jim's hubby, Todd, works behind the camera - he is a producer. However, Todd and Jim have been together for so long that some fans do recognize the producer, simply because he's often pictured with Jim Parsons.

Jim and Todd make for a beautiful pair, and are "couple goals" for sure! In this article, we take a look at interesting facts about their relationship.

15 Jim Parsons And Todd Spiewak Married In 2017

On May 15, 2017, Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak tied the knot in New York City. Jim posted multiple photos of the beautiful ceremony on his social media. The couple celebrated their union at the Rainbow the city that never sleeps! Many celebrity friends were present, such as the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

14 Jim Was The One To Propose

The Big Bang Theory actor recently revealed that he was the one to propose to his life partner. There were numerous rumors in the early 2010s that Jim and Todd were, in fact, engaged, when they really weren't. This upset Jim, who often explained via social media that they were not engaged.


13 They Have Been In A Relationship For 15 Years

Although the two husbands have now been married for three years, Jim and Todd have been in a relationship for way longer than that. As a matter of fact, Jim revealed that he had been in a serious relationship with Todd for 15 years before they both decided to get married. Talking about marrying your best friend!

12 Jim Is Proud Of Their "Regular Life" And "Boring Love"

The Normal Heart actor has recently revealed that, contrary to what some people might think, he leads a very simple and normal life with his husband.

That's right - Jim has even described his life with Todd as being boring, which they both seem to love. Who can blame them? Simplicity really is key.

11 They Met On A Blind Date

Apparently, the pair met back in 2002, on a blind date. It has been revealed in the media that two women, who happened to be Todd's boss and Parson's best friend from grad school, met that night...along with the two future husbands! The blind date action happened at a karaoke bar.

10 Jim First Publicly Mentioned Todd's Name In A Speech in 2010

Although they had been a couple for several years at that point, it wasn't before 2010 that Todd was linked to The Big Bang Theory actor.

That year, Jim won his first Emmy for playing the incomparable Sheldon. In his acceptance speech, he thanked many people, including his mother, but also Todd. However, nobody knew back then that Todd was, in reality, Jim's boyfriend.

9 Jim Recently Bleached His Hair For Todd

This quarantine is affecting everybody in different (and sometimes bizarre) ways. When boredom hits, people are capable of doing just about anything. In Jim's case, this meant bleaching his hair bright blonde. He revealed that this was the result of wanting to "shake things up" with his husband during the lockdown.

8 They Sold Their Hollywood Mansion In 2018

The Hidden Figures actor decided to sell his Hollywood Hills mansion for $8.95 million. Jim has decided to spend more time in his Manhattan complex, along with his husband, of course. However, as he's a proud Texan from Houston, we can't help but wonder if Jim will ever end up going back to his Lone Star State roots?

7 They Are Four Years Apart

Of course, age doesn't really matter in a relationship, especially one that has been going so well for so long. That being said, it is interesting to note that Jim is 47, while Todd is 43-years-old.

However, this slight difference in age is basically impossible to notice. It's not one of those huge Hollywood age gaps.

6 Jim And Todd Are Parents To Two Cute Little Dogs

The two lovebirds share two adorable and very fluffy four-legged friends: Rufus (a Shih Tzu) and Stevie (a Maltese). Luckily for his fans (and all dog lovers out there), Jim loves to take pictures of his little pets and often uploads photos of them on his Instagram page. Rufus and Stevie are simply the cutest!

5 Jim Often Credits Todd For His Support

Jim has received many awards throughout his career.

These include the Best Actor in a Comedy Series award at the 2014 Critics Choice Television Awards, the Comedy TV Star of the Year award at the 2018 People's Choice Awards, and more. Jim has nearly always mentioned and thanked Todd in his speeches.

4 While Jim Occasionally Posts On Social Media, Todd Keeps His Socials Private

The former 'Sheldon' actor is used to being in front of the camera. So naturally, Jim seems to be comfortable posting and sharing a little bit of his private life on his Instagram page. Things are quite different for Todd, who keeps his social media set to private.

3 They Were Both Honored At The 2013 Respect Awards

In 2013, Jim and Todd were both honored by the LGBT Youth Advocacy Organization, GLSEN, with an Inspiration Award. This happened during the Respect Awards. As the pair have been out and proud for many years, it makes perfect sense that they have become an inspiration for many gay people around the world.

2 Their Best Friend Was Their Wedding Planner (And Officiant)

Jim and Todd's wedding planner was no other than Melissa McNeely, whom Jim has described on his Instagram as being his (and his husband's) best friend.

Melissa happened to also officiate the ceremony. Imagine having a BFF who can not only plan your dream wedding but also make it official? Sounds awesome!

1 They Always Attend Official Events Together

Jim and Todd really do look great together. As they are often photographed together, it is very rare to spot the two men separately, especially at official events. With a great sense of fashion, the two husbands always match on the red carpet...and are simply a delight to look at.

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