Big Bang Theory Fans Weren't Pleased With The Way A Comic Con Host Approached Simon Helberg, But The Actor Handled It With Class

got off to a rocky start behind the scenes. The plot was changed, as some of the main characters were scrapped. Despite all the changes made at the start, Chuck Lorre and company managed to bring it together at the perfect time, and created a memorable series fans are still talking about.

In the following, we're going to take a look back at the cast's first experience at . The likes of weren't sure about the turn-out, but he was in for quite the surprise.

In addition, we'll take a look back at the that took place in 2011 with the cast. Fans were particularly annoyed with the host, but applauded Simon Helberg for keeping his cool throughout.

The Big Bang Theory Cast Realized How Popular The Show Was After Seeing The Comic-Con Turn Out

Following first season, the stars of the show were booked to . Although there was a sense of excitement among the fans, . The likes of Johnny Galecki instead went into panic mode, especially given that the cast had booked a big room for the event. Galecki and others were concerned about filling the room up, especially among such a crowd.

Galecki recalls with "I looked at the schedule we were up against and our panel was slotted with true sci-fi shows like

. And I remember saying to [co-creator] Chuck [Lorre] on the train on the way there, “Chuck, how big is the theater that we’re in because look at these other shows."

"We’re a comedy, what are we doing? Nobody’s going to show up and they’re going to run us out of town!” So he got on the phone and tried to get us into a smaller theater, but we couldn’t get in."

However, once the cast arrived, they realized what a smash hit the show really was, with an insane turn-out.

Galecki adds, "But when we got there, there were hundreds of people turned down because the room was just packed. That first one blew all our minds.

I’ve never seen 100,000 people together and not feel an ounce of hostility. Generally in those groups, whether it’s a sports venue or a rock concert, you feel like at some point, you’re going to see a fist thrown here or there. But these are people that just share their passion and I love it there. It’s a lot of fun."

It was a great moment for the cast, and an event they'd take part in several times down the road. However, in 2011, fans weren't exactly pleased with the host.

The Comic-Con Q&A Host Called Simon Helberg 'Nerdy', Which Didn't Sit Well With Fans

The moment from 2011 at

has a near 150K views on . Generally, fans had a blast with cast showing a different side of themselves. However, it wasn't all positive, especially when it came to the host.

Fans write, "OMG I was hoping I wasn't the only one who is disturbed by that host. Seen a bunch of vids from this Comicon and I just cringed every time he opened his mouth. Like that creepy uncle we had to avoid at family events lol."

"The host has made some obnoxious comments," another fan writes.

Fans were especially bothered with a certain exchange around the 5:00 minute mark with Simon Helberg.

"I'm not as nerdy as you think, you really put a lot of pressure on the nerdiness," Helberg says.

The host responds, "I just look at your clothes and your hair, it's just so obvious. And that adorable beard, it's just so obvious."

Credit to Helberg who was able to laugh it off and respond sarcastically. He says, "When I auditioned for this they were like, perfect, can you bring that same hair and those pants too." Helberg was obviously joking, given that his hair was done in a particular way on the show, and he was given such a wardrobe for the character, he's not playing his real life self unlike what the host was trying to point out...

The moment can be seen below a little bit before the 5:00 minute mark.

In truth, it is far from the only time Helberg had to deal with hate...

Simon Helberg Had To Deal With Lots Of Negativity Related To The Big Bang Theory Early On

During his days on , . According to the actor, the general introduction by 'fans' was that they disliked the show, but...

He recalls, "Famously, the introduction that people tend to make to me, particularly when the show was on, they would come up and they would say, ‘Listen, I hate your show, but…’ That’s the way they would start talking to me. Like, I mean everyday."

At first, Helberg was okay with it, but eventually he grew tired of the reaction. He even ended buying a person a coffee after they bashed the show... Now that's one way to handle the hate.

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