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4 Better Call Saul Actors Who Hid in Plain Sight on Young Sheldon, And You Didn't Notice

These Better Call Saul actors have been pulling double duty on Young Sheldon.

It's not uncommon for actors to hop from one series to another, and it's always fun to spot a familiar face in one of the shows you watch. Did you know that some of your favorite actors from Better Call Saul have made appearances on Young Sheldon? Yes, you read that right.

Let's take a look at these actors from Better Call Saul and the characters they portrayed on Young Sheldon.

4. Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver, known for his role as Lawson in Better Call Saul and its predecessor, Breaking Bad, played Kenneth on Young Sheldon — a charming and friendly character who is always ready to lend a hand.Kenneth is a bit of a contrast to Lawson, who is a serious and professional arms dealer. But portraying such different characters is the beauty of acting, isn't it?

3. Rex Linn

Rex Linn, who played Kevin Wachtell in Better Call Saul, took on the role of Principal Tom Petersen in Young Sheldon. He's a key figure in the school and has a significant impact on the students' lives.

Once again, Linn's character is quite different from Kevin, who is a bank manager and has a more corporate vibe.

Have you watched Better Call Saul and Young Sheldon?

2. Barry Corbin

Barry Corbin portrayed one of the best side characters in Better Call Saul — Everett Acker, a stubborn old man who refuses to leave his home.

On Young Sheldon, Corbin played Mr. Gilford, a member of the church congregation whom Sheldon's grandmother Meemaw met in Season 2. It's interesting to see Corbin in this role, as it's quite a departure from his character in Better Call Saul.

1. Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr., who portrayed Clifford Main in Better Call Saul, plays Dr. Grant Linkletter in Young Sheldon.

Сlifford is a senior partner at the Davis & Main law firm and comes across as a stern and somewhat intimidating character. In contrast, Dr. Linkletter is a physics professor at East Texas Tech, and his research spans gravitons and solar neutrinos.

Did you spot these actors when watching the show? If you didn't, it's time to rewatch Young Sheldon and admire the beloved actors in different roles.

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