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Rihanna Had to Experience Sandra Bullock's Rage on Set of Ocean's 8

The all-female cast of the latest Ocean's franchise installment didn't get along as perfectly as we thought: in fact, Rihanna had quite a rough time with Sandra Bullock.

The Ocean's Number franchise is one of the most commercially successful in the world as it has grossed just under $1.5B globally while only having four movies to its name. The latest addition to the collection, Ocean's 8 took an original turn with an all-female main cast — and one hell of a cast it was, featuring absolute A-listers!

With superstars like Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, and Rihanna, this fresh take on the classic heist comedy genre was bound to be an overwhelming success (which it was).

But having so many stars on the set and expecting everything to go smoothly is rather naive, and Ocean's 8's crew learned it thanks to Rihanna and Sandra Bullock. The filming itself didn't have any major problems; the conflict happened on the day of the premiere when Rihanna made all of her colleagues wait for her.

On the premiere day, the entire main cast gathered in advance to get ready for the screening: all seven co-stars and James Coren showed up in time, but Rihanna was nowhere to be seen. Both her colleagues and the audience had to awkwardly wait for Rihanna's eventual arrival which only happened forty minutes later!

Reportedly, Sandra Bullock was enraged. Just like her co-stars, she's an A-lister and a very busy person — and Rihanna made everyone suddenly adjust their daily schedules just because she couldn't consider her timings… And also messing up their common movie's premiere which is not the best start in itself.

"Sandra is all business… The screening was supposed to start at 7, and they didn't get inside for it until 7:40. [Bullock] was annoyed that Rihanna was not on time," shared one of the insiders close to the actress.

While there haven't been any comments about the incident from either Rihanna or Bullock, it seems like they had a somewhat unpleasant talk after the singer finally made it to the premiere. Still, the postponed screening turned out a success, and the internal grudge didn't ruin the movie's further performance and reputation.

Source: Radar Online

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