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'Why Big Bang Theory Will Always Be Around?' According To Series Writer

The Big Bang Theory writer Tara Hernandez reveals why the controversial sitcom will always be around. Debuting in 2007, the CBS project wasn't an immediate hit, with the pilot episode having to be reworked after it fell flat with studio executives. The Big Bang Theory's success was gradual, but by the time it ended in 2019, it has become one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time.

It has been four years since The Big Bang Theory ended, but it remains ever-so-popular. Hernandez, who wrote both for the show and its prequel series, Young Sheldon, tells Slash Film why she thinks that the sitcom will never disappear, pointing out how it has easily beat out some of its TV contemporaries. Read her response below:

"I was like, "I saw 'Westworld' just evaporate from society." I had the real privilege of working on a show that is, I was told that "Big Bang" is still one of the top five streaming shows on HBO Max. It has so much permanence. That is — love it or not, it's around."

Why Big Bang Theory Is Still So Popular

Despite being a rating juggernaut for CBS and getting several awards, The Big Bang Theory isn't universally-beloved. It was constantly criticized for its brand of humor that tended to be racist, sexist, and downright offensive. Recently, it came under fire for an episode from season 2, which featured a lot of outdated tropes. Netflix received legal notice about the same The Big Bang Theory episode, but it's uncertain if there's any movement to the case.

Still, The Big Bang Theory remains beloved since each episode is easily digestible, making it a rewatchable series. Its pop culture ties also help its accessibility considering that the Pasadena gang tends to talk about superheroes, sci-fi, and sci-fantasy franchises, which are currently very popular in the mainstream. Finally, its streaming availability allows new viewers to discover and hopefully love it as much as its already established fan base.

Proof of The Big Bang Theory's continued popularity is the success of Young Sheldon, which has become TV's number 1 comedy since its parent series ended. But, if the prequel ends after season 7, Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre are looking to further expand the universe with another The Big Bang Theory spin-off. If it follows its predecessors' suit, the public may be looking at another half a decade more in the Pasadena gang's world.

Source: Slash Film

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