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Simon Helberg Had A Selfish Reason He Was Happy About The Big Bang Theory Coming To An End

All good things must come to an end. After 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory wrapped up. Although the show was able to enjoy a lengthy run, Kaley Cuoco and others were still blindsided by the decision. At the time, the cast assumed an extra season would be in the works, but ultimately Jim Parsons had a different vision.

Simon Helberg was completely fine with the show coming to an end, especially given his eagerness to take on different roles, something he has done and then some since The Big Bang Theory ended.

We'll take a closer look at his thoughts on the series coming to a close, and what factor he was most excited about giving up.

In addition, we'll reveal why he'll also feel relief from a fan interaction perspective, given some bumpy moments he had with the audience in the past.

Simon Helberg Revealed It Was Time To Move On From The Big Bang Theory And Try Other Roles

Simon Helberg's career could've easily taken a different twist, away from The Big Bang Theory. At the time of his casting for the series, the actor was involved with another pilot entitled, Studio 60. As fans are well aware, Helberg made the correct choice picking The Big Bang Theory. However, he needed convincing from his team given that the production for The Big Bang Theory started and stopped at the start.

Ultimately, Simon embraced the role of Howard and was a major reason for the show's success. Although it was hard to say goodbye after 12 seasons, Helberg explained alongside USA Today that he was open to other roles.

"It feels like we told a story for 12 years and the story is done. It'll be sad to say goodbye to a lot of the elements and people, but I feel proud of what we did and privileged to have been part of it for 12 years," Helberg revealed. "I'm excited, as an actor, to get to take off these skinny jeans and put on another pair of pants in another role."

Simon had another selfish reason for wanting to end the show, and it had to do with his uncomfortable wardrobe.


Simon Helberg Felt Relief About Not Having To Wear His Tight Pants Any Longer On The Series

Although Helberg was proud of his time on the show, there were some factors that he was relieved to finally let go of. Let's not forget, Helberg used his real hair for the role, which meant a lot of prep and straightening prior to episodes. Not only that, but Helberg revealed that his wardrobe wasn't the easiest to slip on either...

"I [was] happy to have embodied that odd fella [for 12 years, but] as soon as I peeled those pants off I was happy to hang them up like the jersey of a tiny Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar].


Although he didn't have fond memories of the tight pants, he still felt the need to keep a certain part of his iconic wardrobe, the belt buckle.

"I took the Nintendo controller belt buckle that I wore in the pilot," Helberg shares. "It's small and indestructible and it means something to me. The character came together fully when I put on that crazy wardrobe that [Big Bang costume guru] Mary Quigley designed so brilliantly."

Helberg felt another sense of relief off-camera as well, and this one had to do with his fan interactions due to the series.

Simon Helberg's Fame From The Big Bang Theory Was A Stressful One When He Interacted With The Fans

It is the nature of the business, although it creates wealth and fame, it also comes with stress and criticism. Helberg knows all about that, especially during his rise on The Big Bang Theory. The actor revealed that he'd typically get approached by 'fans' telling him how much they disliked the show.

"Famously, the introduction that people tend to make to me, particularly when the show was on, they would come up and they would say, 'Listen, I hate your show, but…' That's the way they would start talking to me. Like, I mean everyday. 'I can't stand your show, but my…' and then it would be fill in the blank.

My uncle, my brother, my bus driver from high school, my rabbi, my dentist, my whatever. And I was sort of like, 'You are all of these people, aren't you? There is no other. This is not about your ophthalmologist. You like the show!"

Helberg admitted that after a while, the comments started to get to him a little bit more.

"No, maybe you don't, but they'd come up, and I started getting very angry."

Who knows if he'll ever escape that criticism given the endless reruns of Big Bang for years to come.

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