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Jim Parsons Quit 'The Big Bang Theory', Said No To $1 Million Per Episode Salary For 2 Reasons

After Jim Parson’s name is no doubt taken synonymously with his on-screen character, Sheldon Cooper. And thanks to Parson’s perfect portrayal of the super-smart yet obnoxious and hard-to-love character, the show went on to become one of the best sitcoms of all time.

However, after nearly twelve years of its worldwide airing, the show finally came to an unexpected stop with season 12, all because Parsons wanted to stop running and actually enjoy life for once, along with two other major reasons.

The Two Reasons Why Jim Parsons Left The Big Bang Theory Despite Salary In Millions

According to reports, had more than enough on his plate in 2017 – a shoot for along with a commercial for Intel. What’s more stressful is that he had to do this all right after he finished filming for season 11 of his hit sitcom, 

Having taken no breaks between switching to other works, Parsons found his mental health in turmoil and found himself broken when his dog of 14 years, whom he got with his husband Todd Spiewak a year after their meeting, got very sick and passed away unexpectedly one day. But he still didn’t stop until he broke his foot on sets one day, which eventually forced him to take a break and realize how badly he was rushing his entire life up.

The other reason behind his departure from the beloved series was a rather sad one. While shooting season 12 of the series, Parsons realized that he was only six years away from turning 52, the age at which his dad passed away. Although he didn’t think he would face the same fate, he didn’t want to spend his remaining life constantly working either.

As per reports, Jim Parsons and his co-stars were earning a salary of $1M per episode while filming the last few seasons of and were offered more than $50M including profits if they decided to stay for two more years on the show. However, Parsons stayed put on his decision to leave, finally listening to the universe’s multiple signs for him to slow down.

What Jim Parsons Felt Like While Leaving His Character Sheldon Cooper After 12 Years

Currently still involved with his voice-over for among other miniseries and movies, Jim Parsons also revealed how he felt while leaving after being on it for 12 whole years.

“I didn’t know that I was searching for it but between the dog and the foot, I was just like … ‘Okay. Let’s take charge here.’ It has been fascinating to think about who I was 12 years ago. And sometimes when I have trouble learning a line or saying a line of Sheldon’s right now, it’s hard to know why specifically. But it’s like, you’re not the same person you were. There is a possibility that this actually became more difficult for you in a way. And I don’t know what that means, but it’s like you just change.”

All in all, Parsons seems to be enjoying his life much more now taking everything slowly, one step at a time. As for the super hit sitcom, it is still widely loved by fans worldwide, especially their favorite character, Sheldon Cooper.

You can stream all 12 seasons of on HBO Max.


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