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Jennifer Aniston Shares Throwback Friends Bloopers To Celebrate Courteney Cox’s Birthday

Friends star Jennifer Aniston shares bloopers from the hit show to celebrate Courteney Cox's birthday. First airing on NBC in 1994, Friends ran for ten popular seasons before coming to an end in 2004. Aniston starred in the show as Rachel, with Cox playing Monica. Although Friends came to an end nearly 20 years ago, many of the stars, including David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc, remain friendly to this day.

Now, in honor of Cox's 59th birthday, Aniston took to Instagram to share a heartwarming post, which includes some Friends bloopers. Check out the post below:

The post, which includes two bloopers in the carousel, not only speaks to just how close Aniston and Cox have remained over the years, but also shows just how much fun the cast of Friends had behind-the-scenes of the hit NBC sitcom.

Why Friends Remains So Beloved

The writing on Friends is certainly top-tier and is a big reason for the show's success, but it's the characters and the actors who play them that have given the series such impressive longevity. Not only are all of the actors talented as performers, but their real-life bonds only serve to make the show more rewarding to revisit. The real friendships bleed through onto the screen, creating a comforting feeling that probably couldn't be replicated if the cast didn't get along behind-the-scenes.

The entire premise of the show, after all, completely depends on the dynamic between these six actors. They all have to be believable as best friends in order for audiences to care about what's happening to them. Getting audiences invested in these characters isn't just done through jokes, with Friends' romantic and emotional storylines also adding considerable depth. The characters aren't just fun or amusing to watch, then, but they become three-dimensional people dealing with relatable and occasionally serious issues.

The jokes and the humor are the gateway into Friends, but whether a show or movie stands the test of time is all about its characters. Making audiences genuinely care about a group of people is no easy task, but it's evidently been accomplished with Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chadler, and Joey. Aniston's latest Instagram posts only makes Friends more compelling to revisit, with real love evidently present on-screen.

Source: Jennifer Aniston/ Instagram

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