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How Close Is Kunal Nayyar's Wife Neha Kapur With His Big Bang Theory Co-Stars?

From 2007 until 2019, Kunal Nayyar played a major onscreen role in The Big Bang Theory enjoying a massive amount of success. On top of that, Nayyar's co-star Mayim Bialik once revealed that he was the heart of the show's cast behind the scenes.

Now that The Big Bang Theory has ended, many fans want to know what Nayyar is up to now. A perfect example of that is there is a lot of curiosity about Nayyar's longtime wife Neha Kapur including whether she got along with his Big Bang Theory co-stars.

Who Is The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar Married To?

Long before Kunal Nayyar became a famous actor, he was born in The U.K. and raised in India.

The year after The Big Bang Theory premiered on TV and became a hit, Nayyar decided to travel back to India not knowing at the time how much the trip would change his life.

During his trip to India, Nayyar attended a bar opening where he would meet a woman named Neha Kapur. According to what Kapur told Glamour, the Big Bang Theory star was wearing quite the outfit when they first met, and it took her a while to see who he really is.

"The first time I saw Kunal, he was wearing a trucker hat, cutoff gloves, hipster glasses, and a scarf.

It took me a while to find him among all that." On the other hand, Nayyar was smitten with Kapur from the moment they met.

"My first thought was, This is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. My second thought was, She's way out of my league." Nayyar unsurprisingly wasn't the first one to recognize Kapur's beauty and intelligence.

A former beauty queen, in 2006 Kapur was crowned Miss India which obviously is a massive deal. Kapur then went on to compete at Miss Universe and while she didn't win, it is an incredible achievement to make it that far.

Far more than just a former beauty queen, Kapur has a truly remarkable background.

After she grew up studying classical dance, Kapur went on to earn a degree in fashion design which she would later put to use.

During the mid-2010s, Kapur founded a luxury clothing brand named called Hensely. When Vogue published an article announcing Hensely's existence in 2016, they interviewed Kapur about her clothing brand and she explained what the motivation behind it was.

"My upbringing was classical in terms of music and Indian dance—how my parents were at home. I wanted to put together something that mixed my Eastern sensibility with something that had a kind of storytelling behind it, because that's what dance is.


In 2018, Vogue published another article showcasing Hensely's springwear line of clothing. While it seems like the company may no longer be operating based on its lack of activity on Instagram, Hensely certainly made its mark.

Does Kunal Nayyar's Wife Neha Kapur Like His Big Bang Theory Co-Stars?

Once The Big Bang Theory came to an end, the majority of the show's fans seemed to be mostly happy with how it was wrapped up. Most of all, fans enjoyed Sheldon Cooper's touching Nobel Prize speech in which the character professed his admiration and appreciation for his friends.

Unfortunately for The Big Bang Theory fans, there was one aspect of the show that it seemed like virtually all fans disliked. By the time The Big Bang Theory wrapped up, many viewers were dissatisfied with what happened to Kunal Nayyar's character Rajesh "Raj" Koothrappali.

Arguably The Big Bang Theory's most lovable character, fans wanted to see Raj get a happy ending. Sadly, however, Raj didn't really get his happily ever after since the character remained unlucky in love as he had always been.

On the bright side, Raj clearly valued his friendships with the show's other characters very much.

Given how much fans enjoyed watching Raj palling around with the show's other characters, it is only natural for viewers to want Kunal Nayyar to be best friends with his co-stars.

Fortunately, it seems like Nayyar was a wonderful friend to his Big Bang Theory co-stars as he helped them through difficult times. What is a lot less clear, however, is how Nayyar's longtime wife Neha Kapur feels about his former co-stars.

As of the time of this writing, it seems fairly clear that Kapur got along great with The Big Bang Theory actor Melissa Rauch. After all, the actor who brought Bernadette to life once publicly praised Kapur on Twitter in a way that seemed very telling of their relationship.

On top of the time that Rauch praised Kapur, there is another reason to believe the two women get along. There are two photos of Kapur, her husband Nayyar, and Rauch in which they seem very happy to be spending time together.

Aside from the indications that Kapur and Rauch were friends, there doesn't seem to be any proof she was pals with Nayyar's other co-stars. After all, there doesn't appear to even be photos of Kapur with Nayyar's other co-stars.

On the other end of the spectrum, there also doesn't appear to be any reason to believe that Kapur didn't like Nayyar's other Big Bang Theory co-stars.

Despite that, some people may assume Kapur didn't like Nayyar's co-stars just because she didn't publicly embrace them much.

The truth is it seems like there was a culture among The Big Bang Theory's cast of spouses and significant others keeping their distance in public. For example, Simon Helberg's longtime wife Jocelyn Towne doesn't appear to have been hanging out with the show's cast at red-carpet events.

There appears to be one photo of Kaley Cuoco's ex-husband Ryan Sweeting with the show's cast at an event, but that seems to be the exception. All things considered, it seems safe to assume that Kapur had no problem with Nayyar's co-stars.

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