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“That’s something I’ll never forget”: Jennifer Aniston Was Traumatized After 76-Year-Old David Letterman Tried To Eat Her Hair

Known for both her professional career and personal life, Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood's most well-known faces. Many people's hearts skipped a beat when they saw the actress, but when renowned television host, David Letterman sucked on a strand of her hair, she really appeared terrified. 

Aniston was only 29 years old when she gave this unsettling interview to Letterman in 1998. The old video from it resurfaced online a few years later, prompting everyone to criticize the host. This has led to a closer examination of how females were treated in a number of earlier interviews.

Aniston and Letterman initially seemed to be having a friendly conversation, despite the 76-year-old host's question about whether the Friends star was "n*ked" when she told her story about running into fans in a steam room.

However, things got worse when Letterman pulled a strange move.

A Hair-Sucking Experience that Left  Jennifer Aniston Traumatized 

A 1998 interview between Jennifer Aniston and David Letterman went viral because of how offensive the host's performance was.

The interview started off fairly innocently, save for one embarrassing moment when the Murder Mystery actress mentioned being recognized in a steam room and Letterman inquired as to how many "n*ked women" were present and whether or not they were "sweaty".

(Aniston stumbled over her words, which is understandable.)  

However, things continued to get worse. At the end of their seven-minute conversation, the Late Show with David Letterman host requested Aniston to "try one thing".

"What are you doing?" She screamed as he grabbed her head and leaned in for what appeared to be a kiss. He then put her hair in his mouth and began to suck on it. Later, Letterman was seen asking the actress:

"Forgive me if this is rude. I just want to try one thing." 

Despite Aniston's obvious discomfort, Letterman continued while placing one hand on her neck.

Even worse, the Picture Perfect star recoiled and screamed. And in response to the host's follow-up question about whether his act "traumatized" her, she said:

"I am!"

Aniston then mentioned that the cast and viewers, who were present during the show appeared horrified. To which Letterman assured:

"Don't worry, we'll take it out in editing!"

The actress, now 54, made a comment after the peculiar moment in the video.

"That was something that I'll never forget."  

The actress tried her best to appear unconcerned in the video, but many Twitter users noted that she seemed extremely uneasy and found it difficult to watch.


Jennifer Aniston–David Letterman Clip Has the Internet Feeling 'Creepy'

During his 33 years hosting Late Night with David Letterman, David Letterman spoke with some of the most influential figures in the entertainment business. Throughout his entire tenure, the talk show host gained a reputation for his willingness to challenge norms and ask these notable individuals pointed questions.

But this time, it seems he had gone beyond the bounds of humor and transformed into a genuinely unsettling episode. Jennifer Aniston, who is renowned for her friendliness and bubbly demeanor, appeared surprised by Letterman's unexpected actions.

She was clearly upset and speechless for a moment after the incident, but quickly recovered her composure.

The video unsurprisingly received a lot of negative comments on social media. Let's read some of the responses of fans on Twitter:

More criticism was directed at the talk show host by viewers in response to his continued inappropriate behavior. Back then, a fan tweeted: 

While another fan called the host "creepy and disgusting":

On the work front, Jennifer Aniston last appeared as Audrey Spitz in Murder Mystery 2. The Jeremy Garelick-directed action comedy mystery movie is a follow-up to the 2019 movie, Murder Mystery. It also stars Adam Sandler. 

Murder Mystery 2 is available to stream on Netflix.

Source- Daily Mail

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